20 January 2008

drunk post

it's my birthday! i just got home from a post-party night out with some of the girls, who kept buying me drinks (not sure why...hahahaha). oh man, i need to drink about a gallon more water before going to bed. so obvious i went to college, and for a history at that, as i can type pretty damn well when i'm hammered. it was a good day, nice to spend part of the afternoon at a little party jim planned with some close friends and family. i think i would have rather had a whole day to myself in a quiet house with a personal masseure, a fancy esspresso machine and a stack of good books. but that's just me, the introvert.

counting down till tuesday's endo appt. as fun as the day was, i still have these fucking test results hanging over my head and it's driving me nuts. and thanks to my two loyal readers - i appreaciate your thoughts and prayers as i await the news.

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