30 January 2008

Fingers Crossed

I sit here "working" while Natalie sings and reads herself to sleep in her crib, listening to the workman who are installing our NEW GUTTERS. Nothing says adult like being excited about new drainspouts. But, like so many projects in this house, I sit her with eager anticipation for when they knock on the door to say they are done. Why? Because it's happened too often to count that a workman comes to do one project and discovers 3 more that are in dire need of repair. Like the plumber who came to snake the bathroom sink only to have the u-joint fall out. Fun times. I'm worried sick that the rot under the old gutters is going to be so bad we're going to need a contractor to come and replace part of our roof. So far so good, and this gutter company came highly recommended (always nice when the owner is good friends with your neighbors) so I think if they had discovered something truly awful, they would have told us by now. Still, it makes me nervous. That and the fact that I'm sure something will not be done up to Jim's expectations and I'll have to listen to him rant tonight about it while I sit here surrendering to my ignorance that I didn't know, which is true. So, in the meantime, fingers are crossed.

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