05 January 2008


I'm buying a dining room table off some friends (got married, moved in, bought furniture, her dad surprised them by making a dining room table as a wedding present, leaving them and their teeny apartment with two, hence the need to sell one). Sure, we don't need a dining room table, but we didn't need the gigantic TV Jim bought a while back*, and we didn't need the bad-ass digital camera he bought a few months ago either**. And the table is going to be a LOT cheaper than either of those purchases, not to mention I've already been shoping around and our friends are asking about 2/3 what they paid for it and about half or more what it would cost at various stores that I've seen similar tables at.

Our current table (which was a hand-me-down someone gave Jim years ago) is round and takes up most of the space in our wee dining room because it's round and therefore quite wide. Plus, you can only squeeze 5 people around it provided one of those people is Natalie. The new table will live up against the wall and still have room for four people + a toddler at it, and when we have company we just pull it out and add a few more chairs. And it has a leaf or two so holiday meals will be served around a table instead of buffet style and we are all stuck in the living room eating from plates on our laps. I'm terrified, though, because I haven't told Jim about it. Why? Because I don't feel like arguing. And when my friends arrive with their truck and start unloading a table? Well, I'll point out to Jim that this is what it feels like when your spouse spends money you don't agree on. Except multiply it by aout 6 to know what I felt like.

Isn't marriage fun?

*he had good reasons for this purchase, but I still didn't agree with it and then it just showed up in our driveway with him and a borrowed pick-up truck. I locked the door and wouldn't let him in till he explained himself. But the box has served an even better purpose as an awesome playhouse for Natalie once I cut a door and a few windows in it.

**this purchase was made because he was going to start an event photography business on the side. I told him I'd be OK with the camera once he earned enough money with it to cover it's cost. So far he's spent additional money on lenses and now wants to buy a new flash to go with it, and I'm still the one who takes better pictures.

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Jen said...

makes sense to me.

As long as you have a plan for getting rid of the old table. (And that's easy.)

I'm on the verge of ordering us a Tempurpedic mattress on a no interest until 2011 plan because we need a new mattress SO badly, but we don't want to buy anything on credit... and therefore we don't buy anything, right?! Could we afford $50 a month for the next 3 years to have a new mattress and no backaches? Probably...