01 January 2008

Happy frickin' new year

I totally feel like I have a hangover. Funny, I had about 2 sips of champagne at midnight and that was it. Maybe it was Natalie's 5:30am wakeup and cajoling back to sleep. I did get to climb back into bed for an hour and a half later in the morning while Jim laid on the couch in his boxers "watcing" her. She's so pooped she's already down for another nap. I'm supposed to be doing work, but I can barely hold my head up, my neck and arms feel like they are made of jelly. Maybe it was the staying out late last night? I can't tell you the last time I got home at 12:30am...a late night for us is like, 9pm. We hung out with some friends while Natalie slept upstairs in her pack'n'play, we ate fondue and played a really rowdy game of trivial persuit 80's edition.

Anyway, this is not how I anticipated starting the new year. Maybe tomorrow when Jim is back at work and we can get into a routine and such I'll feel more philosophical about it. But for now, I can't even get past the piles of laundry that need to be put away, the stacks of papers and mail that need to be filed, and the 1200 words I have to write by tomorrow (this will be my third article written in as many days - hooray for procrastination!).


Jen said...

mmmmm, Trivial Pursuit 80s edition! I have often wondered if I would kick ass at that. :)

My mom would advise picking just one thing to do - like putting away ONE load of laundry - but I know how you feel and how even one thing feels insurmountable.

Happy new year and if I were there, I'd make you a latte...

Katie said...

aw, thanks :) i actually got to go out for a bit by myself and had a decaf skim sugar free vanilla latte with a crossword puzzle on the side. i sound so la story when i order!

i was pretty impresed at how my class of '96 self did against people like jim and a bunch of our friends who all graduated high school in the '80s. i new my reganomics way better than them!! ha!

Jen said...

eh... eehhhhhhhh... cafe + crossword puzzle... *twitch* metoometoometoometoo!!!?

Haven't done that in a LONG time. LONGLONGLONG time.

I'm a class of '91-er, but I still know the 80s pretty well, for some reason.

Katie said...

aren't crosswords the best?! they require brain power to solve, which means for like the only time in my crazy life i can actually tune out lots of other things that are constantly swirling around up there. hope you get to enjoy some down time soon!