15 January 2008

I (heart) technology!

After I saw my endo last week, she emailed me requesting any information (surgery reports, lab results, etc.) I could get my hands on in regards to the other women in my family who have had thyroid cancer. Nothing like preparing for the worst, ya know? But I applaud her pro-activeness. So mom just happened to have a check-up with her endo up in NJ today, and he was happy to oblige another doctor and sent her home with 9 photocopied pages from her files - each of her surgery and scan reports starting back in 1970. Dad scanned them into a PDF, emailed them to me, mom emailed me additional information about my grandmother* and other relatives, and I combined it all into a nice concise email with attachment and set it off to my doctor, who will have a bevy of information at her fingertips, which I imagine will only help her as she looks at my sonogram results from this morning. How cool is that?! My mom thought it was so cool they could do a sonogram of my throat since back in ye olde 1970 they didn't have anything like that. Huzzah for technology!

Now we just have to pray the radiologist is quick like a bunny to get those results to the endo, and that the endo decides to call or email me ASAP with her thoughts on them rather than wait till my next appointment which is next tuesday. SEVEN DAYS AWAY. I may drink my liver into cancer between now and then with the waiting and anxiousness. Either that or eat my body weight in ice cream, which would be quite a feat.

*things I didn't know before: Grandma had her thyroid cancer surgery right before my mom (an only child) turned two. How's that for a creepy coincidence?

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