31 January 2008

I'm nuts

$3.99 for a set of two dishtowels from Target
$4.88 for two packages of chocolate brown bias tape
some embroidery floss I had
a little mod podge I had
some leftover egg crate foam from when I made her crib bumpers

If you were two and getting this for your birthday, would you flip out as much as I'm expecting Natalie to? Cannot wait to give it to her! Can't believe my baby is going to be TWO, too.


Mac's niece said...

That is gorgeous - I'd be sooooo excited to get such a wonderful gift. Hope Natalie has a wonderful birthday. My boy turned 6 this week and has had all week off school with tonsillitis! Poor soul.

Katie said...

poor thing! i hope he's doing and feeling better!