03 January 2008

A mile a minute

I'm finding Natalie's language development amazing lately. All of a sudden (I'd like to think a week with the cousin's had something to do with it) she's putting more and more words together, as well as some old words becoming clearer and more enunciated so that people other than me can understand them. She picked up 'Santa Claus' and 'booger' while we were in Texas. The 6 year old cousin owns up to teaching her Santa, but no one will claim to have taught her booger. We discovered her knowledge of it when one day she wipped her nose and announced "Booger. Trash." Ok, as long as she knows where the boogers belong I guess that's OK. One of my favorite new words is 'Tessa do-do.' Testudo is the mascot for the University of Maryland where Jim went, but I think he'll forever be known as Tessa do-do in our house. She surpsed us the other morning when in the middle of a nursing session she heard Jim in the fridge and quickly popped off and annouced "Juice? Orange? Nanee*?" and we were like, um, I gues she wants orange juice. That one was pretty damn clear. I'm waiting with anticipation for the morning she wakes up and talks in clear coherant paragraphs. I feel like it's just around the corner.

*She calls herself Nanee. Once I heard Nananee, but for now it's Nanee. Her best friend calls her Na, which means I am now known as NaMa in their house. Which makes Jim NaDa, and that's just hysterical.

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