07 January 2008


Back in July when I realized it was my half birthday, I made a list of 30 resolutions, 30 things to do before I turned 30. So far I'm batting about 40%. Oh well, better than nothing, right?

  1. get Natalie's name added to the little tattoo on my back nope, still breastfeeding, but i'm going out the week after we're done
  2. do more things with other moms yup, can't live without those girls
  3. while losing 50lbs would rock, that may be a bit ambitious for 6 months time - 25lbs sounds a bit more reasonable ha! not even close!!
  4. actually fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes instead of feeling like a stuffed sausage in them hahahahahahaha...
  5. look fabulous at my 30th birthday party must do some shopping to make this happen
  6. look fabulous at Kim's wedding looked as fab as i could given what i have to work with, but the hair, little black dress and 4" red patent peep toed pumps kicked ass
  7. get a good haircut and keep it up gustavo my stylist is my new best friend
  8. get some funky highlights in my hair no, but i did dye it back to the blond of my youth
  9. get snookered like I'm still in college at least once, preferably with the girls for Kim's bachelorette party wasn't invited to the drink fest, but did enjoy a dinner out with the girls
  10. potty train Natalie (she'll turn 2 a a few weeks after I turn 30, so how cool would that be?) not there yet, but she has pooped in the potty, once!
  11. stop eating sugar once and for all ha! it's a slow process...
  12. get my makeup done and actually purchase beauty and pampering products (shocker, yes, I've never had a professional tell me what and how to wear makeup - explains why I don't wear any almost ever). didn't get it done, but did spend $60 one day at ulta buying goodies for myself
  13. take time to pamper myself, even if it's just a monthly manicure not a monthly manicure, but i am better about taking time for myself
  14. give up diet coke with lime never going to happen. what the hell was i thinking?
  15. start my shop at etsy.com unfortunately, not yet. but i'm dying to get my crafty on
  16. redcorate our bedroom done! and if you ignore the piles of laundry, it rocks
  17. paint the kitchen yup! pretty light yellow
  18. save enough money to get the kitchen cabinets and counters replaced still working on it...the saving, that is
  19. replace my car with one that is not 14 years old have i shown you my new, 2004 corolla? it's sweet. it has POWER LOCKS.
  20. deal with my depression better thank God for the new doctor
  21. read more books when?
  22. organize my office and shread things that don't need to be kept it was organized and things were shreadded, but now it looks like a tornado passed through again
  23. finish sewing project with my cousin in Oregon done! so cute!
  24. get a mother's helper who can come once a week or so after school so I don't have to start taking that other mother's little helper in order to stay sane yes! lara rocks!
  25. cook more still working on this one, went to trader joe's tonight with just such a plan in mind
  26. define what is garden and what is grass in the back yard nope
  27. reclaim more of the over growth for grass nope
  28. rent a dumpster and empty out the shed, which came with the house and 50 years of crap in it no dumpster, but we did haul 5 pickup truck loads to the dump - still have at least 3 more loads to go
  29. cut down the bamboo in the far reaches of the yard and use it to cover the rusty old grape arbor are you kidding? i think there are panda's living back there it's so thick
  30. save enough to fly Jim's family (3 adults, 3 kids) here for Christmas so I don't have to get on a friggin plane with a toddler (I've been dreading this since she was born). nope, but at least i survived the flight myself.

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