15 January 2008


I have to wait 2-3 days before my scan results are at my endocrinologists office before I can find out of the lumb in my throat is thyroid cancer or just an inflamed thyroid. This is after friday's blood work that took 20min for 3 little vials and three different needles jabbed into me three times ON MY HAND to find out if my thyroid had gone bad or not (and how f'ed up my blood sugar levels were). Cocky lab tech was all "You don't need to tell me to use a pediatric needle! I been doing this for 23 years now! I have so much experience you won't even feel a thing." He wasn't so cocky 20 minutes later when my hand was all scared up and he had a bit of sweat on his brow. Radiology tech today couldn't say anything, except she did let me see the pic of my ovaries - nice pretty chain of cysts. Duh, knew they were there. Endo just wanted a pretty picture for her files. As for my neck, she did take more pictures of the right side which is where even I can see a lump, especially when I swallow as it pops out a little. Nice.

Endo is treating this like cancer since my family history includes at least 6 people on mom's side (including mom and her mom) who have all had thyroid cancer. Sure, it's a very treatable cancer with one of the best cure rates out there. SNIP! they cut it out and ZAP! they radiate it just to be sure and BAM! you're in remission with a wicked slim chance it will ever come back. Still, it sucks. And the timing? Sucks more. Happy 30th Birthday! You have cancer! Yay!


Mac's niece said...

Hey! So sorry to hear about your health scare - I'm sure the waiting is driving you mad. My very best wishes and thoughts are with you.

Katie said...

thanks, nichole. i'm more frustrated right now than anything. i want to KNOW, so i can get on with things. i HATE being in a holding pattern. once we know it's cancer for sure (or miracle of miracles it's nothing), then we can ACT. then i'll probably get nervous and scared, but right now, you are right. the waiting is driving me mad!! patience is not one of my better qualities :)

Jen said...

I f*ing hate cancer. You are in my thoughts.

Yes, holding patterns suck rocks.