25 January 2008

Who you gonna call?

Maybe it's official that I've seen too many Law and Order re-runs. It's about the only thing that's on in the early afternoon when Natalie is down for her nap and I've gone about my business and am settling down with my lunch and for a few precious minutes of mindless channel flipping. There was this guy out front in a sketchy beat up pick-up truck, who pulls this ginormous ladder off a roof rack and procedes to climb up the ladder to the top of the utility pole and then mess around with the stuff up there. Was he hooking up illegal cable? Patching into the FiOS line? We just got FiOs a few weeks ago, so I know those guys don't use laders to get up the pole, they shimmy up with waist belts, hard hats and carabiners using the spokes that are already in the pole. I would think the cable guys would do the same thing. Not to mention they'd all come in trucks labeled with their company. So who do you call? "Um, hi, I think a guy was messing with your wiring and whatever else is on top of the utility pole out in front of my house." The too much Law and Order came in when I speedily dug out Jim's mondo camera and started snapping pictures from inside the house. Got a great shot of him halfway down the ladder, not to mention his crappy-assed truck with license plate. Bam!

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