11 February 2008

24 Months = 2 Years

Happy 2nd birthday, Natalie! I feel like this birthday has been forefront in my mind for the last two weeks, but today seems like the day we wrapped up the celebration by a visit to the pediatritian. She pronounced you perfect and beautiful to boot. You are at the 50% for height, but only 5% for weight. Then I told her how much you eat, like the day you ate an entire pork chop, two servings of sweet potatos, and some asparagus for dinner. Or when you ate a whole head of broccoli in one day. Raw. She said if that was the case, she's not worried one bit about your food intake, but to just keep giving you the full fat whole milk dairy stuff, and if you've eaten your dinner and still want more, we're to give you a carb (so that second helping of sweet potatos was right on). Funny, since I try to eat the exact opposite of this.

Your vocabulary still continues to grow, almost at the same rate as your stubbornness. I forsee a tough year ahead, but nothing worse than any other parent of a 2 year old has gone through. So much good is going to happen this year, from being able to spend a few days away from mommy when she goes to LA for her friend's wedding - ALONE. Then in the summer we hope to leave you with grandma for a few days at their beach house. Grandma is trying to finish her master's degree and so long as her thesis is completed by the end of the school year, she gets to have you for a week in the summer, which is all the motivation she needs. I'm excited to see how even more into the beach and the bay and swimming and all you are going to be than last summer. In the fall you'll start nursery school, which you'd start tomorrow in a heartbeat if they let you. I have a feeling you are going to be way more into the holidays and all than last year - like we might even have to come up with a halloween costume of your choosing (my money is that it'll be either an animal or a fairy princess ballarina). And the holidays? You'll be all about christmas I'm sure.

I still get really sad thinking about how you aren't my "baby" anymore. In some ways you'll always be my baby, the way I'm always going to be my mom's baby. But I do miss the bald head and the toothless grin. I find myself rearranging the furniture in my head to see how we could fit a sibling in this house. Then I start praying that if we have a #2, it's a girl so you two can just share a room. Would make things a LOT easier. I love you so much sweet Natalie, and look forward to what's in store for you.

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