24 February 2008

Saga, updated

I'm feeling good.

Thanks to those who have offered support, here, on the weight watchers boards, etc. It's still really hard, but I've made some right choices in the last few days that when I look back, add up to a lot of fat, calories, and sugar that I turned down. Even today, we went to the early service at church (9:30) and by the time we got out after chasing Natalie down the halls and chatting with friends, it was 11:30. Jim wanted food, I wasn't hungry, but the silly daddy that he is suggested a restaurant to Natalie who thinks restaurants are the coolest. Not to mention it was about her lunch time anyway. So, begrudgingly, I agreed. BUT...did I order my favorite dish? Get something big to go? No! I got something really small off the side orders and a diet coke. I knew I'd stuff myself silly if I ate a full meal then (I had made eggs and bacon before church for my morning protein fill-up). This all may seem overly dramatic, but if you've struggled with weight, you know what it's like to struggle with good food that's put in front of you when you aren't hungry.

The day to day is hard, but I'm glad it's been a few days and I can look back and see how those little decisions have added up to represent something bigger. That's good. That actually feels like a wee little bit of motivation. What little food decisions can I make this week that will add up to something substantial? I did hit the groccery yesterday, and besides my championship savings of $53 in coupons and store savings (FIFTY THREE DOLLARS, PEOPLE!), I loaded up on good foods for recipes to make for dinner this week (thus loading the freezer with leftovers for lunchs and weekends). No junk came home, unless you count some sugar free chocolate pudding that jumped into my cart. At least I kicked the whipped cream out when it tried to jump in with the pudding.

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