10 March 2008

2 years 1 month

Natalie, you turned 2 years old and one month yesterday. I guess that means you are 25 months old, but that seems silly to still count your age in months since you are most decidedly Two with a capital T. We spent the weekend visiting your new baby cousin (2nd cousin to you actually) Meg and you thought she was pretty cool. You also thought her two dogs were pretty cool, and spent most of your time trying to get them to chase you. Being Beagle mixes, they looked at you like you were crazy and went out back to bark some more. You didn't seem to mind me holding Meg either, which I take as a good sign that maybe someday if there is another child in this house, it'll be relatively accepted by you, child #1. Not that that's going to happen anytime soon.

Lately you've been a sponge for all things. Vocabulary? It's through the roof. And bizarre at times. Once, last week, the first thing out of your mouth in the morning was "shake booty" and you proceeded to dance for me. Your Aunt Anne likes to teach you silly elementery school cheers like "Crank up the old jalopy, kick it down the street. We've got a team that can't be beat!" One night, not any night recently after a visit from Anne, and you were in your crib doing your usual oration to your animals and I heard "Kick! It! Down! Streeeeeet!!" repeated over and over. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. The craziest thing you did by far was one night when Jim came home, you gave him a huge hug, then said "D! Daddy!" and ran to your alphabet puzzle, picked out the D and gave it to him. Our jaws had to be scraped off the floor after that one.

Now that you are two, you seem to think that naps are for sissies. We're working on that. If I keep you awake and engaged till around 2:00, you'll fall fast asleep and I get two hours to myself. If I don't manage till at least 1:30, you play in your crib for an hour and decide that's enough. On those days we want to drop you out the window by bedtime because you are such a crab. And this is why mommy learned her lesson and now tries to come up with things to keep you busy as late as possible. Like going to a DIFFERENT groccery store. Or a new park, or just out and about someplace where you can run. Run, run, run, maybe you'll get a track scholarship someday. Last week you ran from the tigers all the way up hill to the pandas. I was chugging along next to you pushing the stroller, but you kept running. You even ran on your tip toes. And you were wearing mardi gras beads that you refused to take off, so I'm sure we were quite a site. It's that independant spirit in you, Natalie, that I see taking off full force, that I love so much. You are your own person already, and I hope you grow up to have the confidence and self esteem to stay that way. You are such an awesome kid, Natalie.

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