20 March 2008


Funny, I'm sitting her doing work, finishing taxes, etc., and up on my ipod comes "Mother's Little Helper." My mother's little helper is currently reading stories to Natalie. And before that I don't know what they were doing, but there were squeals of laughter coming from the living room. She's just 14 and I have to take her home in a half hour, but she's so sweet and FULL OF ENERGY, a requirement for watching the ever in motion Natalie.

I feel like I did my good deed for the year. I gathered up some of Natalie's larger baby items and donated them to a local pregnancy center. Her highchair, exersauser, and activity table were all picked up by me or my mom at yard sales, and while they are in perfectly good condition, they show their age a bit. Rather than sell on craigslist something I purchased for $5 at a yard sale, I'd rather give it to someone who could truly use it. I was almost to the point of putting these items on the curb with a "FREE to a good home" sign on them because so many thrift stores and such don't take large items for donation due to space limitations. This pregnancy center advocates birth or adoption (which I'm all for even though I'm also pro-choice, but we won't get into politics here) and works their darndest to help women who make the choice to keep their babies, to be able to make it in this world. And they will take anything and everything. They were so genuinely pleased with my donation, I felt so warm and fuzzy inside when I left.

So to that scared shitless new mom-to-be out there, I hope the good vibes of a happy Natalie fill your home as you feed your baby in your new high chair that was at the pregnancy center right when you really needed it. And I hope that baby is happy playing with toys that gave Natalie hours of joy and excitement in her little baby life. And allowed a harried mamma to take a shower because that exersauser was so dang mesmerizing.

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