03 March 2008


Natalie just shuffled by the office in my clogs, and informed me that she was walking like a penguin. Yesterday we were at Eddie Bauer because daddy needed some new jeans, and she kept looking at the shirts on the clearance rack with me and saying "Holy cow!" in a decidedly mid-western accent, prompting us to want to teach her to now say things like "Dontcha know" and such. She's in a new sunday school "class" now as a 2 year old and yesterday had her first ever bible lesson. We're glad that he's now called "Jesus" because over christmas, there was much talk of the "baby cheese." Her friend from accross the street was over last week with her mamma (like that's some special event, we're at each other's houses pretty much every day) and was having a tough time about something when Natalie goes over to her, pats her on the head and says "Cutie pie." Last week we were at Border's and she proceeded to crawl through the entire store panting because she was a puppy dog. A few people even barked knowingly at her after I explained what was going on when they looked up at me with that face that says "she's adorable, but what the hell is she doing on the floor?" You could tell who was a parent because they totally understood.

Seriously, this is the age where they occasionally cease to be toddlers and become pure entertainment for us grown ups.

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