25 March 2008


Since we're on the topic of work, the company I've done some freelance work for called yesterday to say they have another project. I said "get me the rest of the money from the project I completed for you in October and I'm in." Problem being I work with one girl, who didn't know her boss still owed me money. So I think that money will be coming in soon.

Funny, I finally caught up on our tithing this past week. I grew up in a house that firmly believes that when you give your 10% to God, he will provide for your needs. My parents could have been on welfare when I was little we were so poor, but somehow, things always worked out, even though they gave 10% of their meager salaries away each week. Having seen that faithfullness pay off (for lack of a better term - that sounds so heathen) first hand, I know how important that part of being a Christian is. Well, this year money has been tough. I was owed money, the gutters had to be replaced, and I'm a nerd who pays off the credit card bill every month, which included paying for my 30th birthday party and the Tiffany earings Jim got me as a gift. So somehow tithing got behind. It had been eating at me, especially as we've been scraping bottom lately. But when some back money came in, I immediately wrote out a tithe check for january and february and mailed it to church even, rather than wait till sunday by which time I might have used it to pay bills early or something.

Not five days later a new job project comes in. It would probably pay for all the upgrades to our kitchen we want to do this summer. Not to mention be a nice chunk of change to help restock that savings account that was depleated between buying a money pit and having a baby within a year of each other. But I can't help but think God was saying "see? put me first and I'll take care of you." Thanks. I'm reminded of this commitment I've made to God, church, my family. Now to take a step of faith and write out that march tithe check before paying the mortgage due on april 1st. Eek. Being faithful definately has its scary moments.

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