18 March 2008

Not sure

New hair. Highlights are rocking, cut is good, but I'm not sure about the back. Too "mom"? Too boring? Maybe it just needs a little gel or something. Regardless, not bad for hair cuttery.
I am so a mom. I get my hair cut at the generic strip mall shop instead of the salon. And I buy my bras and underwear at target. And I vacuum more than I have sex. What a sad sad life it is at times. But then I have this amazing little creature to spend my days with, and while she can drive me up a wall, she also makes me swell up with pride when she does things like COUNT TO 10. ON HER OWN. I swear I didn't teach her that, I was just proud of the fact that I got her to switch from 2-3-1 to 1-2-3. Blew my socks off tonight when she pulls that little skill out of her diaper. We were counting the ten piggies at the end of the piggie book and she did it herself. I totally give the credit for this one to Sesame Street. Those people at CTW really know their shit when it comes to early childhood education. Last week she learned the sign for bird and has been showing it to me everytime we see one outside.


Jen said...

CUTE! I love it and i don't think it's too mom-ish at ALL!!

Now you could get your 2nd tat... right on the back of your neck.

Katie said...