28 March 2008


I've gone crafty crazy this week...I had been suckered into some great remnant fabric when I was getting some for another project a few weeks ago. I finally got the sewing machine out this week and actally turned the pile of fabric goodness into something. Natalie now has a new seersucker two-piece short outfit for summer (just need to pick up some ribbon trim to give it that extra something), a purple plaid school girl jumper (if girls schools made their uniforms out of purple plaid) with a pleated skirt that will (hopefully) fit next fall/winter, I sewed a button and button hole on the back pocket of a new pair of Jim's pants (not that exciting), and today I take the last swatch of fabric, and I think I'll have enough to make a sundress for Natalie and a tunic for myself. It's this gorgeous brown abstract floral and for Natalie's dress I found this tan and brown polka-dot grosgrain ribbon that will have to be incorporated into it somehow. I should take some pics of all this when I'm totally done.

But now, off to get new eyeballs as Natalie calls them. Or new contacts if you're me. It's been a year and a half since I had my prescription updated, and I know I'm more blind now that I was a year and a half ago. Can't wait to see better this afternoon!

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