04 March 2008


I cut Natalie's hair again this weekend. The back has grown like a week since we first trimmed off the mullet a month ago, which means she has her mamma's good hair genes. The top is still not growing near as fast and has yet to catch up. While watching her run around on saturday I noticed that her hair was looking rather mullet-esque again. Out came the scissors and I lobbed off a good inch. Now you can see her slender little neck (making me remember those baby days when she didn't have one yet). She was running around barefoot later in some leggings and a too-big shirt and she looked like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow circa the mid '60s. She's just a little waif of a thing, so skinny and teeny but so incredibl full of energy. She eats like a pig, so she must just burn every single extra calorie off. No fair.

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