25 March 2008


Every February, we have to do self-appraisals, submit updated versions of our resumes, etc. and are supposed to talk about them with our supervisors, and from there any pay increase is to be determined. I think this happened exactly as it was supposed to once in my entire 6+ years with this company. So when this year's self-appraisal time came around, I pretty much copied last year's answers into this years. Which included a request to get my hands on some form of Adobe Creative Suite so I could start doing some of our publication creation myself (and learn the software since this is where I see working from home and being self employed going next - i.e. saving up for a snazzy mac laptop with the serious version of this software on it). Last year this request fell on deaf ears, this year? I just got a call this morning (while we were at the park which is always fun) to discuss what I wanted to use it for and what type of computer I have etc. Suh-weet! My company has a liscense so with that they are going to try and just get an upgrade to the latest suite that best suits me for PC (stupid Jim had to buy a dell 3 years ago - and my ibook toilet seat mac laptop is not going to have the power to support this kind of software - it's mostly just a glorified word processor these days). In a week or so I could be up and running! Actually excited about work now. For like the first time ever I think. I and also think I use too many parenthesis. Sorry.

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