15 March 2008


Now that we're done breastfeeding, I realized that I can go get a tattoo. Or rather another one, like a cross on the inside of my left ankle/lower shin. Or maybe add on to the little one I already have on my back.

Am seriously considering getting "Natalie was here" tattoo'ed across my c-section scar, but (a) I don't want to gross out the tat artist, and (b) it would be a shame (and a waste of money) if it got messed up in case fictional child #2 has to come out the same way.


Jen said...

I don't think it's possible to gross out a tat artist, and I think it could be very meaningful. But I'd wait for the same reason. Oh, and be aware: it could be very painful because of the odd sensation that scars have.

But I think it's a brilliant idea if you are doing it to say HA - I have come to terms with this situation.

word verification: babyff! Hm!

Katie said...

i did think it would be fun if fictional child #2 was coming, to take a sharpie and draw a dotted line along my scar and write "please cut here" for the doc. sick sense of humor, i know.

i didn't think of the pain...considering i can still feel my scar (not painful but it's just THERE), i could see how that would hurt getting tattooed there.

must think some more...