22 March 2008


I can't justify spending $44 on a really nice new shirt to wear for Easter Sunday, but yesterday I dropped $25 on tulips no problem.

I am so messed up. But I love having a giant massive vase overflowing with spring tulips on my dining room table. They will probably get more use than a really nice new shirt. Because I'm a mom, and I work at home. I wear t-shirts. And jeans. And clogs or flip flops depending on the season. Still, the pretty shirt is calling my name all the way from the mall. Which reminds me that tomorrow, as Easter, is usually my un-official first outing of the toes for the season, so perhaps a pedicure is a better way to spend my money today.

(This whole thing started because it seemed weird to wear all black to Easter Sunday service. Black pants, black dress sandals, and a black silky shirt, which happens to have little white polka dots. Perhaps if I dress it up with a bright beaded necklace...just thinking out loud here...)

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Jen said...

Jen the retail enabler say:

Black IS inappropriate for Easter morning! Would have been better for last night. Go buy the shirt already if it fits and looks good on you!!

Ahem. :)