09 April 2008

2 years, 2 months

Natalie, you celebrated your 26th month birthday with no nap. It was a fun day, but mamma is TI. ERD. You were such a star in music class this morning, your pony tails like two sprouts sticking out of each side of your head, dancing and wiggling and singing along. I beam with pride when the other parents comment on how adorable you are, or how smart you are, or when your teacher gives me that wink that says "that girl has got some serious rhythm!"

We also celebrated your 26th month birthday with a new potty. Not a new toddler potty, but a real live potty that doesn't run or have rust stains or a crack in its base. However, daddy forgot to buy a toilet seat, so as I type this, you and he, way past your bedtime, are at your second big box home improvement store, because evidently there is a lot of shopping around to be done when you need a white toilet seat. Who knew. Note the tone of sarcasm in my voice.

You boggle my mind how talkative you are. We've gone from being able to count your words, to wishing sometimes you were capable of being quiet. But I love it. We have entire conversations about things, like how cookie monster kept pooping and you had to keep changing his diaper over and over again. I suggested you might want to teach him to use the potty, but you said no, diapers, and that he needed some powder, too. Which just reinforces what I'm hesitant to believe, that you aren't quite ready for potty training.

This past month, our biggest challenge has been your sudden and unexplainable hatred of the bathtub. We tried everything from new bath toys to hanging out in the tub with no water and our clothes on. Eventually, and mamma is feeling quite brilliant about this, we discovered that the combination of a swim diaper and a step stool to sit on works just fine. You even will sometimes sit in the tub without the step stool. Yet when the time comes to take off the swim diaper and wash your po-po, you flip. Oh well. Maybe by next month you'll be back to bathing naked and we'll realize it was all a ploy to sucker us up for new bath toys.


Anonymous said...

Please consider how you are speaking to your daughter about your husband. I think you might not realize the negative impression you are sending her. I assume that if you speak to her this way in your blog, you speak this way to her in person. No matter what your adult issues with him and his habits are, denigrating him, even humorously, to your child can only be damaging. I say this with concern for you, your daughter, and your family as a whole. Please read your post and consider your actions. I'm certain you want only the best for her, and speaking this way, even in an attempt at humor, is inviting problems for all of you.

Katie said...

remember, anonymous, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. i often write so that i am better able to hold my tongue in life. or at least till i get to my therapists office.