07 April 2008

Abuse of acronyms, no?

From an email I got this morning...

"The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requires federal agencies to provide mandatory Security Awareness Training (SAT) to its employees and contractors that access information systems. ABC* is providing the Information Systems Security (ISS) Line of Business (LOB) Security Awareness Training (SAT) for all employees and contractors in the department who access ABC Information Systems...ABC is providing the ISS LOB SAT to all employees through eLMS and to all contractors through a web-based version of the ISS LOB SAT hosted by XYZ** for ABC. A computer-based instruction CD is available for facilities with no or limited internet access. Copies of the stand-alone training CD are available through your Mode’s Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)."

This is so rediculous sounding, I just had to laugh. Kind of needed it too. It was a long weekend, with a lot of driving, somehow going south on 95 when we should have been going north, lots of visiting, and not really getting to do anything that I would have liked to have done. I have such mixed feelings about my grandparent's current state of living and health. On one hand I love how much joy Natalie gives them and I hope they are around long enough for her to remember them. On the other hand, they have no quality of life, their health is just going downhill, and I wish God would just take them peacefully and painlessly. Grandpa is 90 for pete's sake, he's lived a full life. Let him die with dignity, which he's slowly losing as he's no longer able to fully care for himself. Although he did get gussied up to see Natalie in a clean, pressed shirt and proper trousers (that come up to his armpits). We'll see what God has in store for them. Our next visit will probably be in early June, unless we have to go to a funeral before then. But for now, it's off to therapy. Woohoo!

*ABC is the governing agency, **XYZ is who I work for, one of a half dozen agencies under ABC's directorship.

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