30 April 2008


Feeling so in-a-rut this week. Natalie has turned into a two-year-old and on top of it, today, I don't think she's feeling 100%. Or maybe I'm in denial that she's 2 and all that whining and crankiness and not really napping is normal. She's watching PBS yet again - we could go to the park, the sun came out and it's a crisp 60 degrees out. But I don't feel like chasing her around and dealing with her whining and crying when someone else needs a turn on the swing or the slide or whatever. We could go to the mall, but I either get depressed seeing all the things I want and either can't afford or don't come in the big-ass sizes I need. And she's a holy terror at the mall, running pell-mell down the halls laughing like a mental patient with me trailing behind, trying to smile and look like I'm enjoying the chase. I've been turning to food more and more lately after being much better, and now have to add graham crackers to the list of snacks not allowed in the house since I've finished off a box of them this afternoon. Better than the lunch I had yesterday of chocolate covered peanuts.

Maybe this all has more to do with the fact that I got about two hours of sleep last night and was just snuggling down under a blanket on the couch to nap (after working my arse off to get emails and articles out and off my plate so I could enjoy some downtime) when someone woke up. I guess when the whining subsides we'll turn the TV off, but for now, it's the only thing allowing me to keep what shred of sanity I have left.

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Kathy said...

Oh that't the worst! When my girls get up early from their naps my heart sinks and I just look at them like "seriously??"