03 April 2008


Maybe it was the trip to the endocrinologist on tuesday, the one where I had to step on the scale only to see it be 5lbs higher than the last time I was there 8 weeks ago. Maybe it was the trip to trader joe's afterwards where I was weak and brought home treats to binge on, because it's not like all my healthful eating and exercise was getting me anywhere. Maybe it's today's trip to the new shrink, where I feel like a failure and have to tell her about the endo visit. Maybe it's the impending trip to PA this weekend, where on the upside I get to see my brother and uncle, but on the downside we are spending much of the weekend visiting with my grandparents who are ailing at an exponential rate these days. Whatever it is, I've just been in a funk that I can't pull myself out of. I do have the babysitter coming tomorrow afternoon, and while I need to use some of that time to get ready to leave for the 3hr drive friday night, I also need to make sure I use the time to chill out a bit by myself. But I don't know how much the people at starbucks would like it if I curled up in one of their chairs and sobbed myself to sleep.

I am looking forward to a trip to the Polish market saturday morning with my mom. Yum. Just me and her, no Jim, no Natalie, and I'm brining a cooler to load up and bring home fresh kielbasa, busia made pierogies (since I'm too lazy these days to make them myself), and whatever other treats I can pack in there.

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