22 April 2008

Going to pee my pants

I am so flippin' excited for my trip to CA in a little over a month. I'm having day dreams about it. I even got my hair cut yesterday when I realized this week was the halfway point between my last haircut and Karen's wedding. I'll get it cut again right before the trip so it's fresh. Probably get some highlights again, too. Debating between full or partial highlights, or if I should just get a box of blonde and go all out myself. Gotta look hot, not sure why as the friends I'll be seeing that I haven't seen in ages are mostly all girls. Something about CA, running into, you know, Gwen Stefani or something and bonding over our kids* who are about the same age. I've assessed my wardrobe and need to get some trendy, flat, metalic sandals for my trip, some big sunglasses, maybe I'll pick up a glamerous hat when I go to Santa Monica on Saturday morning before the wedding. I'm planning my route from LAX to the hotel via studio city, the Hollywood sign, maybe a drive up Rodeo, and I plan on stopping any time I see a hip outdoor cafe where I can soak up some sun and do a little people watching. I've even picked out a new tote bag I'm going to get - since I'm not checking luggage, I needed another bag for the plane that wasn't a rolling suitcase and was something I could carry while being touristy without looking like a tourist - so a tote with a hip stripe and a zip top, big enough for the good camera, a book, and my stuff was in order. JUST FOR THIS TRIP. So not like me to shop like that.

I've never been west of central Texas which is where part of the excitement comes from - I'm determined to see the Pacific, even if it is just like the Jersey shore like my brother says. But he's a dork and lives in the desert near his air base and could care less about the beach as his front lawn is all SAND. But he is psyched that I'll get to come visit him on Sunday - I specifically booked the red eye back Sunday night to Monday so I could spend the day with him. He's even taking me out to lunch because that's the weekend he gets promoted. Most importantly, I'm out of my mind itchy with anticipation to BE BY MYSELF FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS. I don't have to plan my agenda with anyone in mind except myself. No planning around a toddler or a husband who has no concept of time management. I want to go? I can be out the hotel door in 2 minutes. I'm practically orgasmic thinking about it. Such a luxury! And shopping? Sure I've heard Santa Monica is a bit of a tourist mecca, but the thought of strolling in and out of shops without a stroller, without grabby toddler hands reaching out for things (or spilling my coffee like she did in Ann Taylor yesterday - so embarassed) is heaven.

I know I'll miss Natalie horribly, but I know I'll get over it. She's two. I wouldn't be taking this trip if she was two months. I can't wait to see Jim when I get back, after three whole days of 24/7 toddler care. I hope the house is a wreck. I hope he hasn't shaved or showered or eaten an entire meal without someone stealing his food in three days. I do so much around this house and with Natalie, that it'll be validation for me to see him fail. Ok, that's harsh. But I secretly wish him well. I'd be so impressed if he did pull it off, he'd have some new respect from me for sure. I just don't quite think that's what's going to happen. Still, I won't give a rat's ass 'cause I'll be half awake and in such a happy stupor after the red eye and my weekend of girlie fun at a dear friend's wedding.

*when I was preggers I was all up on the celebrities who were also preggers at the same time. Jennifer Garner was too. Obviously I had time on my hands and choose to read People at the gym instead of read the paper or do the crossword like I do now. Yes, I guess that is admitting that I am a huge dork. Like we didn't know that already by my above post.

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Kathy said...

Dads TOTALLY don't get it. I can't wait to hear how he did. I hope he does ok for Natalie's sake, but I hope he realizes being a mom is a lot tougher than it may seem. Maybe he needs longer than three days...let's make it a week. Yay for you!!