04 April 2008

Good news?

Apparently, if you have decided that having another baby is a good thing and wouldn't cause you to go out on the highway and jump in front of traffic, then your PPD is officially cured.

Doesn't mean the rest of my shit is all better, but at least that's one less thing to worry about. Until, of course, that second baby comes and the mean reds rear their ugly head again. But I feel like I have such a better support system in place now than I did two years ago, so we'll see. Shrink agrees with me that trying in the fall sounds like a good idea, provided my body cooperates and looses some weight between now and then. She's starting me on a low low dose of the good half of fen-fen. Not sure I like that, but it's only for a month or two to give my body a jump start. And she wants to talk to my endo about putting me on a low dose of glucophage for the PCOS/insulin resistance stuff. That is something I can definately get behind. And once I find out what/how our insurance covers accupuncture, I'm going to start doing that. Oy.

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