26 April 2008

On that same note...

Speaking of nice neighbors and a great little place to live, Jim is doing runs to the junk yard today. He can borrow pick-up trucks from work, so he's done it two weekends in the past few months and we've loaded them up with crap from our yard. No, not yard crap, that's picked up by the county if you put it in a brown lawn bag at the curb on trash day. Crap, as in we bought a 50 year old house with a shed and said shed came with 50 years of CRAP. I'm sure I've written about it before (found it!), we were flabergasted with the amount of CRAP in there. They guy who lived here in the 70's was a contractor and would salvage things from job sites. You know, to use later. Or leave in the shed for 30 years to someone like us came along to clear it out. 5 runs to the dump later, the shed is clear. The rafters of the shed are not. Scrap wood, rolls of 30 year old linolum flooring, who knows what else. Jim is currently doing a run this morning with rotting firword and assorted building scraps he cleared from this funky patio thing next to the shed (so odd, but we - I mean "I" - will be turning it into a play area for Natalie with the awesome trash picked play house my mom got and her sandbox - perhaps a mural on the side of the shed? something perky and bright).

Anyway, I digress. Basically, he was loading stuff in the truck last night and the two junior high boys from a few houses down came by walking their dog, Benji, like they do every night. Jim has hired them for two hours of work this afternoon to help clear out the rafters. $10 an hour, and we are totally in with the boys down the street when we need an extra hand for some odd jobs and such in the future. Awesome. Maybe this means I don't have to move all the cinder blocks and bricks by myself in order to fill in the gap between the odd-shed-patio and the fence that surrounds it on two sides. Oh, these are bricks and cinder blocks that have been "artfully" piled to edge our patio and line the space we use for the trashcans and other spots around the outside of the house. Such treasures we found. Must remember to take before and after pics.

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