23 April 2008


Nothing like being on a telcon for work, sitting on the couch, with a Crossing Jordan rerun on mute, and deciding to hold the phone with your shoulder while you unwrap a snack because you are afraid of falling asleep (nothing to do with the toddler that wouldn't sleep - no, of course not!), and your shoulder and ear contrive to hang up the phone on you. Oops.

I emailed my co-telecon participants what happened, but I guess no one is sitting at their computer. Or else no one is wondering where I went. Wonder how long I have to wait to see if they call me back. At least I was only listening in and didn't have to contribute anything meaningful, which means why couldn't we just have skipped my participation all together and someone email me what happened? Oh, right, because it probably is good to at least give the impression sometimes that I care about my job. Afterall, we'd be screwed without this paycheck, even if it is part time, and even if I am doing the same amount of work I did when I was full-time and in the office instead of at home. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Did you hear that, God? I'M THANKFUL FOR MY JOB!! Don't let my gripping make you think I don't appreciate it...Ok, I still may not *really* appreciate it, but our mortgage company sure does. And if there's another way, God, for me to bring in the same amount of money each month and actually like what I do, that would be awesome if you could send something like that my way. Thanks.

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Kathy said...

:) I catch myself complaining sometimes and then feel like I have to back track too. "It's not that I don't APPRECIATE what I have, it's just..." You could always implement like I do and work first avenue every night. ;)