22 April 2008


One of those no nap days. Except today had a twist. After playing in her crib for way too long - there would be periods of quiet where I'd secretly hope she'd FINALLY fallen asleep, followed by continued conversations with her animals (apparently someone was taking things from her because I kept hearing "NO! MINE!" in that wee little nasel toddler voice) - I finally went to get her and there she was to greet me, with her pants down around her ankles and holding her diaper out to me: "Look, mommy! Wet diaper! Need clean one!" The good news is she didn't pee all over her bed. But man, I hope this isn't the start of a trend.


Kathy said...

Ugh. I can SO relate to those moments...where you think MAYBE they're falling asleep and then they make more noise. Just happened actually...only I believe he's asleep now...it's been awhile. At least it was just pee in her diaper!! Count your blessings! ;)

Katie said...

that was my first fear - that i'd be rooting in her bed and blanket to find the wet spot and instead find the squishy spot!