09 May 2008

2 years 3 months

Oh Natalie, how you've changed. It seems like overnight you transformed into Natalie, The Toddler. The mood swings, the drama, it's like living with a teenager who hates everything you do and only wants to do the exact opposite. Mamma is starting to wonder how the hell she's going to keep up with you till we get through this phase. But then you go and do something adorable that turns my insides into a big pile of goo. You've started using the word "actually" a lot. I'm worried that I say this a lot, which kind of scares me as an adult. But we'll be walking to the car from the Y and you'll turn to me and say "Mommie's car, actually." Well, actually, yes, that is my car. You also like to hide from me now when I come in to get you from a nap. You don't seem to realize that hiding inside your crib is kind of tricky, but you'll try nevertheless and bury your head in a corner or pull a blanket totally over you and then announce to me that you are hiding. It's hysterical, actually, and I love it every time.

It's not even worth mentioning the rest of your growing vocabulary, because for all practical purposes you say everything you want to and we understand almost all of it. I'm still trying to figure out what "effaling" means. It's not elephant, or falling, you saying it at different times that I haven't figured out the common factor of yet. It's kindof starting to drive me nuts since I really do understand almost everything else that comes out of that sweet little mouth of yours. What is really cute is that you and your little playgroup friends have been using more and more words towards each other. It's been really fun for the mom's at playgroup too, as we get to sit back and watch you all play together since you don't really need us around anymore to referee. It's amazing watching you and your friends grow. To think that in just a few months you'll be starting nursery school boggles my mind. Before we know it you'll be getting ready for the prom and sending in your college applications. You are turning into such a big girl before our eyes.

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