27 May 2008


72 hours from RIGHT NOW, I will be boarding my flight to California. I am terrified of flying, but somehow, having survived the three hour Christmas trip to Texas sans tv, movies, or even music and with a wiggly toddler on my lap, flying alone with headphones and a little screen in front of me for distraction seems like heaven. Must get some crossword puzzles and a guilty pleasure paperback to take with. Must also remember to hit the liquer store for some teeny bottles of vodka to slip in my orange juice that morning. Or rum for my diet coke. Choices, choices.

We're flying virgin america, who is trying to boost their US city to city market (since virgin atlantic is doing so well with the pond hopping business) and had a great deal on DC to LA. And by "we" I mean another college friend and her boyfriend who also live in DC. One of the crazy things about virgin america planes is that not only does every seat have it's own screen to watch, but you can use that screen to text message other passengers. Should be some silly fun; if my friend's boyfriend survives the flight with the two of us, then he's just the man she deserves.


Jen said...

you're going on a vacation, I'm on a "staycation". Your flight alone sounds like a riot. Hope you have a mighty fine time. Enjoy staring at the pacific for me. It's in the 50s here and not exactly beach weather!

Katie said...

i gotta say, though, a staycation sounds mighty nice too. jim's going away for a work conference in june for a few days, so that's going to be sort of like a staycation, just a staycation with a toddler and without the guilt of feeling like i need to somewhat please my husband when he's around :)