06 May 2008

Long weekend

I have two members of my family that I wouldn't choose as friends. We are different, have different ideals, spend different amounts of time/money/effort on different things in our lives. Now that one of those women is a mother, I'm even more aware of those differences. I want to be respectful of her choices as a mother and parent, but in the back of my head I'm screaming "Just hook her up to the boob and be done with it! So what if she just ate?! She's OBVIOUSLY still hungry - even I can tell that and she's not my kid!" So a weekend with these two women, 24/7 in their presence has me, exhausted. So exhausted I started this post yesterday and am just now finishing it. I'm tired of keeping up appearances, of holding my tongue (especially when the mother of the 3 month old complains about those last 3 baby lbs she hasn't lost yet). It's OK that we're different, it's just that as family, I have to make nice. Where as if we weren't family, we could be cordial to each other as we passed each other in the baby aisle in Target, but we wouldn't have to be friends and that would be OK. That's what makes friends so great, you can pick them.

Speaking of, when we came home I called my neighbor to see if her daughter wanted to play (Natalie had been asking all weekend - too cute!), and also because I needed to talk to someone I consider normal. She takes one look at me, points out I'm wearing make up and is all like "what's up with that?" THANK YOU. I told her I was with those two all weekend and felt then need to be all done up for church at least, since these are girls who get dressed up to go to Target. She then called me a brazen hussy for wearing eye makeup to church and I just wanted to kiss her right there. So nice to be home and back with my posse of normal women, who can go to the groccery with semi-funky bed-head, who don't bother apologizing anymore for their messy houses because all of ours look like tornados hit, whose toddlers get dirty and it's ok, whose support I so need right now, because these are the women I can be honest with, I can spill my secrets too, who understand my issues because they've been going through them with me.

Despite all that, it was a pretty fun weekend, seeing the new baby cousin get dedicated at church. Playing with a three month old is so sweet, she's just starting to smile and coo and blow bubbles and such. We saw her 7 weeks ago for the first time and she was just this little tree frog who clung on your shoulder and slept most of the time, at least when she wasn't eating of pooping, that is. So glad Natalie is going to have a cousin substantially closer than Texas to grow up with - a three hour drive is a lot different than a 3 hour flight.

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