19 May 2008


I swear I am married to the only man on the planet who keeps the heat and the A/C on at the same time. Heaven forbid it gets above 70 while he's sleeping and below 67. What he doesn't realize is that I turn both of them off the second he leaves the house. Then we throw open all the windows to get the house cooled down as much as possible, and when Natalie and I leave for the day, we close most of it up (cooler days we'll leave a few back windows open) and it doesn't get over 70 till Jim and all his hot air gets home in the evening. Then we're back to paying to cool air we're just going to heat over night.


Jen said...

oh no, you're not. I'll wake up in the morning after the thermostat is set to 'cool' and it will warm up to a grand 61 in this house, and around 9 or 10 I'll be wondering "why am I so damn cold?", check the thermostat and move it to 'heat' so that it warms up to at least 68 in the house, and Jo will come home and by the time we go to bed she's hot and she puts it back on 'cool'.

I'm waiting for summer so we can stop playing this odd game. :)

Katie said...

see, the problem is, i'm too cheap. sure, i agree, it's nice to keep the house at an even 3 degree spread, but i cannot rationalize spending money to heat what we just spent money on to cool. however, 61 is a little too cool even for me. yikes!

makes the whole separate bedrooms thing even more appealing - he can sleep in his own personal sauna while i snuggle under a fuzzy blanket with all the windows open, all winter long. too bad the only other bedroom choices are natalie's room or the couch.