09 May 2008

So wrong

I just picked up my new prescription for a higher does of phentermine – turns out the last four weeks worked exactly as they were supposed to, even though they kind of sucked. Started out AWESOME – cravings? GONE. Filled up really easily after a light meal, had energy, no side effects, lost five pounds. But after you’ve been on it 2-3 weeks, the effect fade. Enter in the last week, when I’ve felt depressed and wanted to eat everything in site. Phentermine is the closest thing I’ve been on to speed, so I’m like an addict who no longer gets a buzz from my usual dosage. New shrink upped the dosage, and after 3 weeks, I start taking 2 pills a day. Suh-weet. I will be cranked. But I should also be 10lbs lighter at the end of it and have had a good jump start on the whole 60lbs to lose thing. Or else maybe by then my endo will agree to FINALLY put me on glucophage for PCOS. Anyway, I decided to celebrate. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be on an appetite suppressant, so why not do it up right today with a bag of chocolate covered pretzels. Mmm. Kind of cancels out the vegetarian enchiladas sans rice and on whole wheat tortillas with reduced fat cheese I was going to make for dinner…

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