12 May 2008


We have a tenant. Yay! She's young, military, no chance of deployment due to the fact that our tax dollars are putting her through med school currently.

Pros: She's going to be away 29 weeks over the course of the next year doing rotations at other military hospitals. Starting in June, for instance, she'll be leaving and we won't see her till mid-August, and then a few weeks after that she leaves again till mid-November.

Cons: She occasionally babysits her boyfriend's dog on weekends when he has to travel with his ceremonial military unit.

Pros: They are good dog owners, he is crate trained, good with kids, and well behaved.

Cons: Can't think of anymore.

Pros: Gives us time to do some serious home repairs, like when we re-do our kitchen we can be obnoxious and keep stuff downstairs and use the kitchenette down there without being a bother since SHE WON'T BE HOME. Or when we re-do our bathroom. Same deal. We'll also have the time to start ripping out the paneling in the basement and replacing it with proper sheetrock so it looks less basement like. And to re-caulk the shower in that downstairs bathroom. The place is going to look loads nicer each time she comes home from a trip.

Anway, God provides, and from this vantage point, it looks like we have 2 years ahead of us with a barely here tenant who is just a really nice person, who likes having a safe place to keep her stuff while she's away (instead of an empty apartment where no one has a key to check on things) and not have to worry about having her mail held or things like that either.

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Kathy said...

Great! And this will loosen the noose on finances a bit too! What a relief!!