17 May 2008


Had three parties to go to today...usually we sit around doing nothing of consequence on a saturday, today it was a picnic at Natalie's new school for the fall, then a graduation party for a neighbor, followed up by dinner across the street at our neighbor's/Natalie's best friend's house. The girls were total crackups. We had ribs. Natalie has never had meat on a bone. She was like a piranah. Fresh watermelon for dessert was the perfect ending.

Our tennant moved out today...we thought we'd be spending the evening with him and his dad (who drove up from TN to help him do the drive down to FL), but his dad just wanted to hit the road - he was so jacked on coffee he knew he wouldn't sleep if he spent the night so he just wanted to go go go. We thought it was crazy, made for abrupt good byes, and now it's really wierd going down in the basement and it's...empty. Save for the ugly ass circa 1980's coffee table he left. Thanks, tiger.

And grandpa is in the hospital. He's 90. He fell the other day and cracked a few ribs. Natalie and I called this morning, and evidently we're the last one's to have had a coherant conversation with him. It's not looking good. Mom and dad were there tonight. Wondering if we're on Death Watch 2008. You never know with his side of the family - he could be on his way out, or there could be 2 more years left in him. Honestly, his quality of life has gone down hill so fast lately, that if choices are to pass quietly now, or to spend months or years more uncoherant as to what was going on around you, unable to care for yourself or even walk yourself to the bathroom, then I think I'd rather he passed peacerully now. There's some dignity that he deserves in having his body decide to call it quits at the right time instead of trying to hang around for every last second it can scrape together. It is sweet, that even in his fog, he remembers talking to his great-grand-daughter this morning. Amazing what a blessing such a little person can be.

On an up note, I will be in CA two weeks from today. PSYCHED! I've been shopping for my trip - 3 new shirts, a light cotton cardigan, some capris, new sandals, a new belt (with crabs on it! tres preppy), and even a new bag to use on the plane. I needed a tote with a top that zipped so I can keep all my crap from spilling out, not to mention keeping the good camera safe and sound. All that's left is a good guilty-pleasure paperback and some luna bars and dried fruit for snacks to keep that blood sugar steady while traveling. I've gotta start my packing lists, get out the maps, plan my routes, all sorts of exciting things if you're as anal retentive as I am.

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