30 June 2008


Good to be back, good to have the chance to spend extra time with my family. Good to have time away from Jim, good to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Many thoughts; much writing went on sans internet, so perhaps I'll post some musings there. I ache in so many ways right now. I don't think I've grieved for grandpa yet, I didn't really cry at the funeral, but I also didn't make eye contact with...oh, anybody. Did a lot of counting ceiling tiles, or trees in the cemetary, anything to not acknowldge the fact that I was in front of my grandfather's casket. I know, my coping mechanisms suck.

For now, bedtime. I checked work email and know what's on my plate for tomorrow. Meet with my boss and her boss on wednesday. Now that the funeral and travel is behind us, I'm a little freaked about that. Eek.

24 June 2008

And now for something completely different

I went medieval on the house this weekend with Jim gone. Then grandpa died and I had to rethink what I could and couldn't do. Nixed one project that required painting outside (ok, two projects now that I think about it) since it's supposed to rain tonight through tuesday. But, my sister-in-law did come over to help me move furniture which is always fun. I decided that the cedar trunk under Natalie's changing table was a waste of space. It contains Jim's army crap, old papers, stuff I know he cares about but hasn't looked at since he threw a few things out before we wedged the trunk under there, where it has resided for the past 2.5 years. So that stuff is going in a bin in the basement, the trunk to the living room, and the toys that feel like they are spilling out all over the place in the living room will move to under Natalie's changing table. I'm going to make a few fabric bags for blocks and such, and get another big bin or two to keep them in. The trunk which will now be in the living room is perfect for spare blankets, magazines, things you might actually like to have in your living room if you didn't have toddler crap everywhere instead.

Sister-in-law also helped move a giant metal cabinet out of the storage area. Jim is going to be PISSED that we put it out on the patio, but I say all the more reason to borrow that pickup truck again and head out to the dump one more time. It bugs me so much how he just piled things back there, yet we had a closet under the stairs full of bins of our college archives and stuff mom made you take when you moved out 10 years ago that you aren't sure what to do with. Why are big, square, stackable things in hiding when all this crap is hodge-podged out in the open? And to discover shelves with empty shelves on the bottom because too much stuff had been piled in front? Amazing! I got all the odd shaped things into the closet, with stuff we won't look at till it's time to move out of this house way in the back, and things we use up front. Had to clean 30 years of dust off the floors and tiled walls - it looked like that area of tiles were a different color, actually, it was that much grime. Had to MOP THE WALLS. Ew. Then I re-arranged, re-stacked, and when we get back to town next week, I'm going to string up a curtain (wire + cheap ikea bedsheets + drapery clips) to section off that side of the laundry room, since the laundry room is also our tenant's kitchenette. Can't believe little nail holes in the basement ceiling bothered Jim when there was a crap heap taller than me in our tenant's kitchen. Freak.

I feel so sneaky waiting till he's out of town to do all this, but he just doesn't deal with processes. He can't comprehend the details and make decisions on the fly, he has a hard time seeing the big picture (he's a total P on the Myers-Brigg thing). He would freak out if he came last night and saw what the house looked like. Which is why I waited to do this till he was gone and I had a few days. Sister-in-law totally agrees. He'll see the final product, be AMAZED at how much more efficient things are, how much more tidy they look, etc., and he'll get over the way I went about doing it. Not without a few cringes first, but I can handle that. I hope. The upstairs is almost back together...I'll do the rest when Natalie is asleep.

* * * * * *

I've got a babysitter coming tomorrow, Natalie and I are going to hit the road around 1pm (nap time!). Babysitter will be a huge help, keeping Na happy, busy, and out of my way so I can pack, wrap up some work things (I'm taking all the writing I have to do with me - thank God for thumb drives and parents with at least a few extra computers or laptops laying around), and finish cleaning. I want the house to be spotless, or close to it. I want to have trash out, diswasher filled and running, laundry put away, the bed made, floors vacuumed, all that. Sure, it may be a little anal retentive, but coming home on sunday or monday to a nice, peaceful, clean house? Fantastic.

Jim's flight gets in at 12:30 am on thursday morning, so he's going to stay at his coworkers house (not weird, she's married with teenagers), and leave from there first thing after rush hour on thursday. That way he can get a decent night's sleep, and have a 45min start up 95 from DC towards Philly. I have to pack dress clothes and a few other things for him, too, and we'll just wash his convention clothes at my parents later. With two cars, we'll send him back early because I know he's going to be fried and need cave time before going to work on monday. That means Natalie and I will stay probably till monday afternoon. Why not? My uncle and brother will be up, so might as well maximize the time spent with them. The only good thing about the funeral being on thursday (did I mention that? Grandma refused to do saturday even though it worked better for everyone), is that we get to go to my friend's daughters 2nd birthday party on saturday. Yay! She's pregnant again (friend, not the 2 year old), and when she gives birth sometime in early october, she'll have 4 under the age of 4. I must remember to get her a pack of condoms and a pregnancy test for a push present.

My parents are going to give us gas money since we are kind of stuck taking two cars. They are also going to pay a girl from church to babysit Natalie during the service and graveside. The ladies at papa and grandma's church are doing a luncheon after all that, which will be at the church, so we don't even have to take Natalie to the graveside, which she would see as a big place to run around with things to climb on. It's all falling into place. I'm holding together fine, but I'm sure I'll lose when we get there.

So, I won't be around here till next week sometime, at which point this will all be behind me, including my work and deadlines, and I have a babysitter two days next week: one to go downtown and meet with my boss and her boss about my boss's departure, and the other day to do nothing. But to do it in my favorite coffee shop with a good book. That is going to be a well deserved break.

23 June 2008

Gone, gone gone

Goodbye grandpa. You were a good guy. People will remember you fondly, I only wish you were around a little bit longer so Natalie could have remembered you, too. But if staying around longer would have meant pain and struggle, then I'm glad you are at peace now, with God in heaven, looking down at all of us and smiling.

22 June 2008

One track mind...

It feels wierd to be planning a funeral for someone who isn't dead yet. Monty Python keeps running through my head: "I'm not dead yet!" "Well, he will be very soon. He's very ill." "I'm getting better!" "No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment." "I feel...happy!" Is this wrong?

Arrangements are starting to be made, which I guess makes sense since we might as well get over some of the nitty gritty details before we're all snivling messes when grandpa finally lets go. I'm attached to my cell phone more than usual, and anytime it rings, I wonder if it's The Call. There's going to be a memorial service at church, then family and a few close friends will go to the graveside, followed by going out to lunch. We've got a potential babysitters lined up - mom and dad have a few friends with high school aged daughters, mom's checked out whose around and who is on vacation or working the next two weeks or so - and we'll bring someone along who can watch Na during the service, be there to hand her off to if she gets crabby at the graveside, and who can go run around with her in the parking lot outside the restaurant to let off steem while we all sit at what will inevitably be a tearful luncheon that will also be full of laughter. Grandpa is that kind of guy. The stories will come out. It will be kind of nice.

My brilliant idea of the day was in lieu of a guest book, to get some note cards or stationary together with stamped and addressed envelopes. We'll ask people to take one and to write down a fond memory or story they have about grandpa and then pop it in the post. We'll address them to grandma, so over the next days and weeks she'll get a few notes each day in the mail, reminding her that people care about her and loved her husband as a friend, teacher, mentor, and all around good guy. Then we'll stick them all together in an album, maybe with some pictures of people who came, and it will be a nice reminder that she's not alone just because he's gone. That and putting together some pictures to put in they foyer of the church before the service is my contribution.

A little something I pulled out of the archives...

(make sure you have the volume up so you can hear him ask her about boys...this was taken when she was just 2.5 months old)

21 June 2008

The end is near

Pnemonia has set in, the doctor doesn't expect grandpa to last a week, my uncle arrived from Florida this morning, grandma had to sign all the hospice paperwork, and the rest of us are on standby, waiting for the call that we need to come up for a funeral. Of course this is the first time Jim has had a business trip - he's going to a conference in Chicago - and won't be back till midnight on Wednesday. I've got babysitting lined up for the week so I can plow through all the work I still have to do and then be done with it and not have to worry about those 1st of July deadlines.

God, just take him peacefully and without pain. He's lived a full life, no need to let things drag on needlessly. We know he's not going to get better, we know he's in your hands.

20 June 2008

Death Watch 2008

Still on...it's wierd, waiting for someone to die.

Grandpa is out of the hospital, after a month of being there for 2 somewhat lengthy stays, back at the nursing home. They had put him on a feeding tube because there were signs of recovery if he could just get his strength back. Then another stroke hits and the doctor thinks this was a big one. It's just that it seems he's had so many little ones over the last few weeks, a bigger one doesn't seem to be that different. The doctor recommends he be put on hospice. So I guess it's finally happening. At least at the nursing home grandma can ride her scooter over from their apartment and visit and sit with him. And with hospice, those nurses will be there not just for grandpa, but for grandma as well, helping her to cope with the adjustment that her husband of 63 years will be leaving soon. Hospice hasn't been officially signed up yet; my uncle is flying up for a visit next weekend and I think they wanted to give grandpa a week, see if there's any hint of a change, and then dad, his brother, and grandma can make things official together.

I feel kind of an-emotional about this. Grandpa is 90. NINETY. That's old, he's lived a full life. I hope grandpa goes soon, I think it would be worse for everyone if he hung on by a thread for ages. He comes from hearty stock - both his parents lived into their 90s. And the fact that he's diabetic, fat, had multiple skin cancers, etc. and made it this far is also impressive - we joke that if he actually took care of himself, he wouldn't made it to 100 easy.He's a good guy. Was a good guy, since as dad tells it, the only sign he's shown of his former self was showing a hint of a smile when the USOpen was on his hospital room tv. That was over a week ago. I want him to be able to die with dignity. He has all the proper paperwork for DNR and whatnot, so it's not like he's going to be a vegetable hooked up to tubes for weeks or months leaving someone with the depressing decision to un-hook him.

Is it bad that I look forward to his passing? He and grandma helped start their church back in the 1950s, so when he does go, I envision a lovely memorial service there, with all the people in the church pitching in with finger foods and desserts for a reception in the church basement afterwards. There will be stories about him, his legendary status at the neighborhood pool, his navy stories, stories of him as a dad to my dad and uncle growing up with lots of other people's kids at that church. People will be thrilled to pieces to meet Natalie, which will be the one sunny spot in the day, as grandma (her great-grandma) will show her off with such pride. It'll be said, but filled with laughter and comforting voices.

Death is a wierd thing. As Christians, there's no doubt about where he's going, that's not the issue. When it's sudden and unexpected, it's shocking regardless of the person's age. Busia died at home thanksgiving morning. She was up and at 'em till that morning when she felt short of breath, went to lay down and never got up. Nevermind that this was 11 years after a quadruple bypass surgery, so it's not like we didn't expect it - she just never went through that infirm stage where you have the chance to prepare for it. The only other death that has truly affected me was when my friend's husband died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 32 and after only 10 months of marriage. That was and still is horrible and something that affects all of us in our little circle of friends, especially as we remembered Joel a few weeks ago on the 4 year anniversary of his passing.

Which leaves grandpa as the only death so far in my life that is something where we have time to prepare for it. But how do you prepare? Is it simply taking a deep breath and saying "Ok. This is it" ? I suppose I could start baking cookies for a reception and storing them in the freezer, or getting some things together including a nice outfit to wear to the church and having it at the ready. Jim is going to Chicago next week - what if he dies this weekend and I have to go up there alone (well, with Natalie...) to help out? I haven't shed a tear, I'm not sure if I will. I want to be there for my family, to help them out when they are helping grandma out and planning arrangements. I've always been a background kind of person - while they deal with things I'm happy to be the one preparing meals or cleaning up in anticipation of guests. Kind of makes me a smidge sad that we aren't jewish, as I really like the idea of sitting shiva. There are expectations of mourning in judaism and other cultures/religions, but as protestants, there's not much.

Anyway, I think I'm starting to ramble. We'll see where the next few days or weeks lead us.

19 June 2008

18 June 2008

More sewing

I made this outfit for Na a couple months ago. $3 of seersucker on the remnant pile, and I think I spent more than that on a yard of the ladybug ribbon trim. It was hard trying to decide what to match to seersucker. Not sure if it was the color green of the seersucker or just my anal retentiveness for matching, but Natalie loves ladybugs so it works. It's way to big for her - I totally over estimate a "little" big. Oh well. The top will definitely fit next year, shorts, probably not. They came out baggy but with a bit of a low rise. Lesson learned.
And are we just going to have a whole period of the family photo album where she's doing this squinty teethy smile? This is what she does when you ask her to smile these days. It's either that or catching her unawares and she looks very pensive and moody.

17 June 2008

Sewing, sewing

I have an addiction to Old Navy schlumpy roll-up cargo pants/capris. Two summers ago I had a pair, but alas, they are only meant to last one summer. Sometime last June, my wicked thunder thighs rubbed together enough to cause the crotch to just disintigrate one day. Seemed a shame to just toss them, but you can't really give a pair of pants with no crotch to goodwill. So I thought I'd harvest all the buttons and then put them in the rag bag. Instead, I ended up making a dress for Natalie and going out to buy two more pairs of that summer's version.

Fast forward to the other weekend when I was in California - I come back from Santa Monica and while stripping down for a nice, long, uninterrupted shower in my hotel room BY MYSELF, I discovered, lo-and-behold, same thing had happened in the brown pair I had been walking around in all morning. The first day back home, I put on my other khaki pair, and the same thing happens AGAIN. The timing was a little too coincidental. So I made another dress for Natalie. Last years had a drawstring waist which made nice little shoulder ties; this years had decorative buckles on the back of the waist which became shoulder fasteners. It's very fun to re-use like this, and the pants make great play dresses she can get dirty as sin since they were just going to be rags anyway. Throw in some polkadot ribbon and she's the hight of fahsion as usual. She's such a hambone, dontcha think?

16 June 2008

Monday's still suck even when you don't have to go to the office

To start, we are under water restrictions thanks to TWO water main breaks in the county last night. One a few miles from our house. While we haven't noticed a difference in water pressure, we're supposed to be boiling water and no watering lawns, washing clothes, or running the dishwasher. Also, no flushing toilets! Are they serious? I mean, I'm a big fan of "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down" but do they know how often I go? We're just going to have to ignore that one.

Had a rough weekend. Not sure if it was because it was the end of a 4-week nuvaring cycle (I always feel off that last week), a Natalie who was torterously cranky most of the weekend, or the blues were just having me in a funk, but I was unable to really get anything done, save a load of laundry and some cleaning in the basement since our new tenant is current in process of moving in as of yesterday. I've still got shitloads of work to do, and my babysitters don't come till thursday and friday this week (although it looks like one is going to be able to commit to one day a week for me). Going to see if my neighbor can take Natalie for an hour or two this morning so I can get something done. Also because we're supposed to get more nasty storms this afternoon, and if there is no power this evening, I'll just get even more behind on my work.

Depression really sucks. I don't know what it is, a combination of things I'm sure, but I hate all the drugs I'm on, but I can't imagine where I'd be without them, and then I start thinking I need more. I'll be off the phentermine soon, but I want to add glucophage to my repetoir as I know it will help with my insulin resistance/PCOS weight loss issues (reminds me I still need to go check out my friend's acupuncturist). I start thinking I need more cymbalta on weekends like this, when I can't even motivate myself to finish a sewing project or six. Thankfully my thyroid meds are working great. We've hit on a combination that is near-perfect. Wrap this all in the fact that I'm sleeping horribly and you can see why I'm kind of on the verge of being a complete train wreck. I can fall asleep fine, but by 5-5:30am, I'm up. I'll toss and turn in bed, maybe doze off some, but usually I get up and go lay on the couch with the news on low in the background for noise. That way my tossing and turning doesn't bother Jim who is a complete crank when he doesn't get enough sleep (somehow my restlessness gets blamed, not the fact that he stays up too late).

Anyway, I need to take advantage of sesame street time and send a few work emails I never got to on friday. Thank God for those people at PBS. It's my one hour of sanity a day.

12 June 2008

The Swing of Things

Heat wave is over, but it's still summer and I'm already ready for fall. 80 degrees with a breeze is way better than hot and humid 100 degrees, though. Still, upper 60s with nights down in the 40s? That's what I'm talking about. Seriously had thoughts over the weekend of moving north. Summer in Canada, winter in DC. That'd be kind of nice.

We had a super busy weekend, Jim helped a friend who is an arborist cut down some seriously dead branches on a tree in our back yard (40 feet up, took them 6+ hours to do it all), two bbq's, and we babysat a friend's 5 1/2 year old for a sleep over saturday night. She and her mom were in town from the midwest for our friend Lisa's birthday (Lisa, who's husband passed away 4 years ago this same weekend). Saturday was their girls night out so Meg stayed with us, and it's crazy, but Natalie picked up so many things from her. Like how to really brush your teeth (forget me brushing in front of her for ages, all of a sudden she sees a 'big girl' brush and now she's a pro). And what a princess is. Thanks, Meg.

Clingy is an understatement to describe Natalie these days. She's like a cat who doesn't just want to sit next to you and purr, she wants to be on top of your head. And by "your" I mean "my." Jim can sprawl on the couch untouched while I'm in the kitchen trying to clean up from dinner and there's a monkey trying to climb up my legs. I sit down to pay bills and she's up on the chair behind me hanging off my neck. Yesterday in the midst of cuddling and reading stories in my bed, she up and head butted me while trying to climb over me and now I've got a hint of a black eye thanks to my glasses frame jabbing into my cheekbone and eyebrow. Feels like my eye is ever so slightly pinched. I've taken to putting PBS on more often than I'd care to admit because it at least gets her off what she considers her own personal jungle gym. And with the heat lately? My typically overheated hormonal self is even more uncomfortable than normal, so add a sticky toddler on top and it's just no fun, no matter how cute she is. "Look, mamma, Natalie wear teeny little bitty shorts!" "Natalie not princess, Natalie girl." "How you doing, Katie? What you doing today?"

I've got shitloads of work to do...a 10 page white paper to write, 3 1200-word articles by the end of the month, software to upload (finally got my hands on adobe creative suite - 3 weeks ago - and haven't had the time to sit down to install it). Not to mention the sewing projects laying around. I do have another potential summer babysitter to call, and if I can get her to come on a scheduled once a week thing, we'd be golden.

To top it all off, I had a humdinger of a therapy appointment yesterday. I'm so screwed up. It was good for what we concluded and are going to do, but bad because I have to be proactive, talk to Jim, etc. and I'm not looking forward to that part. He's a hard guy to nail down - he's always got other things to do and I hate confrontation. Mmm...fun times.

09 June 2008

Heat Wave

I've melted. Or will melt by the end of the day if I don't find someone with a walk-in-freezer that wouldn't mind me camping out inside.

05 June 2008


We've been doing music together since september, and I finally brought the camera yesterday for the last class till next september. I wasn't sure about signing up for it next year since we'll be doing nursery school two days a week too, but looking at this picture just solidifies the fact that we have to. Natalie has grown musically so much since we first started classes - she sings all the time and taps out rhythms and even made herself a drum set with some different sized toy bins (Jim was a drummer so Na has her own practice pad and sticks). She obviously gets so much joy out of it and I get so much joy watching her.

04 June 2008


Carrie Bradshaw (no, haven't seen the movie yet) once talked about going out to eat by yourself, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, no book, no magazine, no writing, just yourself, your food, and the people passing by. How the table for 1 was a level of confidence that was good for the soul. I may be exagurating here, but the episode ends with her doing just that. Well, that was me in Beverly Hills on friday. Swank little cafe, I didn't even look at the menu before asking for a table for 1 to see what the prices were. They weren't bad. I ordered a big bowl of gezpacho - favorite on a warm summer day after lots of walking - and a carafe of iced tea with extra lemon since I had no toddler around to dive her grubby paws into the tea to fish out the lemons to eat, rind and all. I didn't pull out a book even though I traveled with a paperback, a book of new york times crosswords (I've finished all the mondays and tuesdays and am sturggling with the wednesdays), and a journal. It was peaceful. I listened to other conversations, chatted with the cute waiter, enjoyed the people watching (a LOT of skinny little women in Beverly Hills), and just sat. I know people who wouldn't be able to do this, there was even another woman at a table for 1 who looked frantic, reading her book, eating quickly, she just looked so uncomfortable alone. Or maybe she was late to meet someone, but she had on while sneakers so I'm thinking she was a tourist. I took my time and left a nice tip since I hogged a table for two longer than was probably expected. Total confidence booster, and an excellent way to start my weekend.

(the pic is of the Santa Monica Blvd. street sign near where I parked. Yup, dork, but you already knew that.)

03 June 2008

Don't even know where to start

I had such a blast this past weekend. Now that I have 8 solid hours of sleep under my belt, I'm feeling a little more human right now. Yesterday, I could barely stand up straight I was so tired. Jim came home from work yesterday to find me face down on the couch with Natalie between my legs using my ass as a pillow while she watched cartoons. That bad.

Where to start? Virgin America rocks, our flight out was the best flight I have ever had. Had a whole row to myself, so I put the arm rests up, sat sideways with my legs outstretched and slept a good chunk of the way. We coasted into LAX with barely a bump the whole flight. I was so energized to be on the ground and on my own, so off I started on my drive, getting off on Santa Monica Blvd just because. Found parking and strolled towards Rodeo drive, had lunch by myself in Beverly Hills, and just enjoyed the time alone. Drove down Sunset and Hollywood Blvd, stopping at Grauman's Chinese just because. Literally parked, hopped out for 20 minutes to take pictures and got back in the car. Wound my way back to the highway and headed to my hotel, where a lovely nap was had in the middle of a big bed with lots of pillows all to myself.

Friday night met up with friends at a cocktail hour at the next hotel over. So so so good to see everyone. The bride and groom even rearranged rehersal times so they could all be at the cocktail hour, too. We went to dinner from there, the bride with the 6 of us or so all from college. Didn't feel like I was catching up with all these people, it was like we just picked up where we left off, even though some girls I hadn't seen since I was pregnant. Slept like a rock after all that fun.

Since I was still on east coast time, I ended up waking at 5am, bright eyed and busy tailed after 7 solid hours of sleep. So I went with it, got up, and was in Santa Monica with a parking spot on the main drag closest to the ocean by 7:45. Not even all the coffee spots were open yet. But I found myself a excellent latte and sat on a bench and read for a while. Then I moved down to the beach and sat on the sand and read for a while. It was 9am by then, and still, the beach was empty. I strolled the pier, and then walked up to the 3rd street promenade now that it was after 10 and stores were opening for shopping. Even got to swing by my mom's uncle's old house on 5th street and take a picture for her. I think the neighbors thought I was a nut job. Back to the hotel for a lovely nap before the wedding.

Wedding? One of the best I've ever been to. Not only was it a lovely ceremony and a fantastic reception, but being with the girls was a blast. The reception started with a lion dance by a local troup of Chinese (the groom is Chinese) dancers. Unbelievable. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. Dinner, dancing, we had a blast. Closed up the joint around 10:30 when the DJ shut things down and they turned all the lights back on.

Sunday - you see that huge fire at unversal studios on the news? Yup, drove past it on the way to meet my brother. He insisted on taking me to in-n-out for burgers. I've heard great things, and yea, they were good, but I don't know if they were the holy grail of burgers like Tim claims they are. We also went to see Ironman - good flick - because a lot of it was filmed at his base. That was kind of cool having him point out what was their ops building or when the mountains were computer generated. So good to see him, he even gave me a teddy bear he got for Natalie. I was starting to fade and figured I should head back so I don't find myself stuck in bumper to bumper end-of-weekend traffic while falling asleep. I drove back to Santa Monica since it was close-ish to LAX and camped out on the beach and read for a while. I'm so exciting, right? It was so peaceful to just be, to have time to kill with out the guilt of feeling like I should be doing work or chores or whatever.

Made it to LAX and practically walked straight through security (the exact opposite of what everyone else was telling me would happen), had dinner, and camped at the gate till boarding time. Was scared about the flight because there were about 3 dozen 8th graders who were going to be on the flight, too. But they were extremely quiet once we were on the plane and I slept a bit. However, when I woke up to find the flight was half over, I was too excited to really go back to sleep. I was so missing Natalie by this time, it was making my heart ache. There was a little toddler girl on our flight and I wanted to squeeze the dickens out of her I missed those little 2 year old hugs so much.

Having not checked luggage, I whizzed through IAD and out to my car in no time, and other than some traffic on the way home (but no back ups bad enough to warrent getting off the highway and going back roads), I was home by 7:45am. Natalie had just gotten up and was so excited to see me. The squeezes and kisses were awesome. Sucked that I was so out of it, but she spent an hour cuddling me while she watched sesame street and I tried to stay awake. Wouldn't trade that for anything. Today she is up and at 'em same as usual. Why sit and cuddle mommy when there is play-doh to be playing with?

Anyway, back to reality. Must check work email, get dressed, and off to play group we go. I'm the non-creative one who is stopping at Panera for muffins instead of making something like usual. Oh well. My adventures were worth the lack of sleep and time away from family, it makes you realize how good you have it when you get home. Although I wouldn't mind separate bedrooms for me and Jim. Sleeping alone in the middle of a big bed with lots of pillows and no snoring husband? HEAVAN.

02 June 2008

Best Weekend Ever.

I've got 300+ pics to sort through and a lot of sleep to catch up on. More later.