24 June 2008

And now for something completely different

I went medieval on the house this weekend with Jim gone. Then grandpa died and I had to rethink what I could and couldn't do. Nixed one project that required painting outside (ok, two projects now that I think about it) since it's supposed to rain tonight through tuesday. But, my sister-in-law did come over to help me move furniture which is always fun. I decided that the cedar trunk under Natalie's changing table was a waste of space. It contains Jim's army crap, old papers, stuff I know he cares about but hasn't looked at since he threw a few things out before we wedged the trunk under there, where it has resided for the past 2.5 years. So that stuff is going in a bin in the basement, the trunk to the living room, and the toys that feel like they are spilling out all over the place in the living room will move to under Natalie's changing table. I'm going to make a few fabric bags for blocks and such, and get another big bin or two to keep them in. The trunk which will now be in the living room is perfect for spare blankets, magazines, things you might actually like to have in your living room if you didn't have toddler crap everywhere instead.

Sister-in-law also helped move a giant metal cabinet out of the storage area. Jim is going to be PISSED that we put it out on the patio, but I say all the more reason to borrow that pickup truck again and head out to the dump one more time. It bugs me so much how he just piled things back there, yet we had a closet under the stairs full of bins of our college archives and stuff mom made you take when you moved out 10 years ago that you aren't sure what to do with. Why are big, square, stackable things in hiding when all this crap is hodge-podged out in the open? And to discover shelves with empty shelves on the bottom because too much stuff had been piled in front? Amazing! I got all the odd shaped things into the closet, with stuff we won't look at till it's time to move out of this house way in the back, and things we use up front. Had to clean 30 years of dust off the floors and tiled walls - it looked like that area of tiles were a different color, actually, it was that much grime. Had to MOP THE WALLS. Ew. Then I re-arranged, re-stacked, and when we get back to town next week, I'm going to string up a curtain (wire + cheap ikea bedsheets + drapery clips) to section off that side of the laundry room, since the laundry room is also our tenant's kitchenette. Can't believe little nail holes in the basement ceiling bothered Jim when there was a crap heap taller than me in our tenant's kitchen. Freak.

I feel so sneaky waiting till he's out of town to do all this, but he just doesn't deal with processes. He can't comprehend the details and make decisions on the fly, he has a hard time seeing the big picture (he's a total P on the Myers-Brigg thing). He would freak out if he came last night and saw what the house looked like. Which is why I waited to do this till he was gone and I had a few days. Sister-in-law totally agrees. He'll see the final product, be AMAZED at how much more efficient things are, how much more tidy they look, etc., and he'll get over the way I went about doing it. Not without a few cringes first, but I can handle that. I hope. The upstairs is almost back together...I'll do the rest when Natalie is asleep.

* * * * * *

I've got a babysitter coming tomorrow, Natalie and I are going to hit the road around 1pm (nap time!). Babysitter will be a huge help, keeping Na happy, busy, and out of my way so I can pack, wrap up some work things (I'm taking all the writing I have to do with me - thank God for thumb drives and parents with at least a few extra computers or laptops laying around), and finish cleaning. I want the house to be spotless, or close to it. I want to have trash out, diswasher filled and running, laundry put away, the bed made, floors vacuumed, all that. Sure, it may be a little anal retentive, but coming home on sunday or monday to a nice, peaceful, clean house? Fantastic.

Jim's flight gets in at 12:30 am on thursday morning, so he's going to stay at his coworkers house (not weird, she's married with teenagers), and leave from there first thing after rush hour on thursday. That way he can get a decent night's sleep, and have a 45min start up 95 from DC towards Philly. I have to pack dress clothes and a few other things for him, too, and we'll just wash his convention clothes at my parents later. With two cars, we'll send him back early because I know he's going to be fried and need cave time before going to work on monday. That means Natalie and I will stay probably till monday afternoon. Why not? My uncle and brother will be up, so might as well maximize the time spent with them. The only good thing about the funeral being on thursday (did I mention that? Grandma refused to do saturday even though it worked better for everyone), is that we get to go to my friend's daughters 2nd birthday party on saturday. Yay! She's pregnant again (friend, not the 2 year old), and when she gives birth sometime in early october, she'll have 4 under the age of 4. I must remember to get her a pack of condoms and a pregnancy test for a push present.

My parents are going to give us gas money since we are kind of stuck taking two cars. They are also going to pay a girl from church to babysit Natalie during the service and graveside. The ladies at papa and grandma's church are doing a luncheon after all that, which will be at the church, so we don't even have to take Natalie to the graveside, which she would see as a big place to run around with things to climb on. It's all falling into place. I'm holding together fine, but I'm sure I'll lose when we get there.

So, I won't be around here till next week sometime, at which point this will all be behind me, including my work and deadlines, and I have a babysitter two days next week: one to go downtown and meet with my boss and her boss about my boss's departure, and the other day to do nothing. But to do it in my favorite coffee shop with a good book. That is going to be a well deserved break.

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