03 June 2008

Don't even know where to start

I had such a blast this past weekend. Now that I have 8 solid hours of sleep under my belt, I'm feeling a little more human right now. Yesterday, I could barely stand up straight I was so tired. Jim came home from work yesterday to find me face down on the couch with Natalie between my legs using my ass as a pillow while she watched cartoons. That bad.

Where to start? Virgin America rocks, our flight out was the best flight I have ever had. Had a whole row to myself, so I put the arm rests up, sat sideways with my legs outstretched and slept a good chunk of the way. We coasted into LAX with barely a bump the whole flight. I was so energized to be on the ground and on my own, so off I started on my drive, getting off on Santa Monica Blvd just because. Found parking and strolled towards Rodeo drive, had lunch by myself in Beverly Hills, and just enjoyed the time alone. Drove down Sunset and Hollywood Blvd, stopping at Grauman's Chinese just because. Literally parked, hopped out for 20 minutes to take pictures and got back in the car. Wound my way back to the highway and headed to my hotel, where a lovely nap was had in the middle of a big bed with lots of pillows all to myself.

Friday night met up with friends at a cocktail hour at the next hotel over. So so so good to see everyone. The bride and groom even rearranged rehersal times so they could all be at the cocktail hour, too. We went to dinner from there, the bride with the 6 of us or so all from college. Didn't feel like I was catching up with all these people, it was like we just picked up where we left off, even though some girls I hadn't seen since I was pregnant. Slept like a rock after all that fun.

Since I was still on east coast time, I ended up waking at 5am, bright eyed and busy tailed after 7 solid hours of sleep. So I went with it, got up, and was in Santa Monica with a parking spot on the main drag closest to the ocean by 7:45. Not even all the coffee spots were open yet. But I found myself a excellent latte and sat on a bench and read for a while. Then I moved down to the beach and sat on the sand and read for a while. It was 9am by then, and still, the beach was empty. I strolled the pier, and then walked up to the 3rd street promenade now that it was after 10 and stores were opening for shopping. Even got to swing by my mom's uncle's old house on 5th street and take a picture for her. I think the neighbors thought I was a nut job. Back to the hotel for a lovely nap before the wedding.

Wedding? One of the best I've ever been to. Not only was it a lovely ceremony and a fantastic reception, but being with the girls was a blast. The reception started with a lion dance by a local troup of Chinese (the groom is Chinese) dancers. Unbelievable. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. Dinner, dancing, we had a blast. Closed up the joint around 10:30 when the DJ shut things down and they turned all the lights back on.

Sunday - you see that huge fire at unversal studios on the news? Yup, drove past it on the way to meet my brother. He insisted on taking me to in-n-out for burgers. I've heard great things, and yea, they were good, but I don't know if they were the holy grail of burgers like Tim claims they are. We also went to see Ironman - good flick - because a lot of it was filmed at his base. That was kind of cool having him point out what was their ops building or when the mountains were computer generated. So good to see him, he even gave me a teddy bear he got for Natalie. I was starting to fade and figured I should head back so I don't find myself stuck in bumper to bumper end-of-weekend traffic while falling asleep. I drove back to Santa Monica since it was close-ish to LAX and camped out on the beach and read for a while. I'm so exciting, right? It was so peaceful to just be, to have time to kill with out the guilt of feeling like I should be doing work or chores or whatever.

Made it to LAX and practically walked straight through security (the exact opposite of what everyone else was telling me would happen), had dinner, and camped at the gate till boarding time. Was scared about the flight because there were about 3 dozen 8th graders who were going to be on the flight, too. But they were extremely quiet once we were on the plane and I slept a bit. However, when I woke up to find the flight was half over, I was too excited to really go back to sleep. I was so missing Natalie by this time, it was making my heart ache. There was a little toddler girl on our flight and I wanted to squeeze the dickens out of her I missed those little 2 year old hugs so much.

Having not checked luggage, I whizzed through IAD and out to my car in no time, and other than some traffic on the way home (but no back ups bad enough to warrent getting off the highway and going back roads), I was home by 7:45am. Natalie had just gotten up and was so excited to see me. The squeezes and kisses were awesome. Sucked that I was so out of it, but she spent an hour cuddling me while she watched sesame street and I tried to stay awake. Wouldn't trade that for anything. Today she is up and at 'em same as usual. Why sit and cuddle mommy when there is play-doh to be playing with?

Anyway, back to reality. Must check work email, get dressed, and off to play group we go. I'm the non-creative one who is stopping at Panera for muffins instead of making something like usual. Oh well. My adventures were worth the lack of sleep and time away from family, it makes you realize how good you have it when you get home. Although I wouldn't mind separate bedrooms for me and Jim. Sleeping alone in the middle of a big bed with lots of pillows and no snoring husband? HEAVAN.


HeatherB said...

Oh it looks and sounds like so much fun!!

Thanks for sharing with som much detail sweetie! :)

I love the flower on your dress too.

So what did you spend your workout $$ on0- inquiring minds want to know?

Hope this trip was just the thing to break you out of your funk.

Love to you,

Katie said...

heather - too funny, but i spent too much time just chilling out, i never spent my money!! i didn't want to buy something from a typical store we have out east, and i never found that hip trendy boutique. oh well. i've got 40$ or so burning a hole in my pocket, so i think some funky summer sandals might be in order.