30 June 2008


Good to be back, good to have the chance to spend extra time with my family. Good to have time away from Jim, good to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Many thoughts; much writing went on sans internet, so perhaps I'll post some musings there. I ache in so many ways right now. I don't think I've grieved for grandpa yet, I didn't really cry at the funeral, but I also didn't make eye contact with...oh, anybody. Did a lot of counting ceiling tiles, or trees in the cemetary, anything to not acknowldge the fact that I was in front of my grandfather's casket. I know, my coping mechanisms suck.

For now, bedtime. I checked work email and know what's on my plate for tomorrow. Meet with my boss and her boss on wednesday. Now that the funeral and travel is behind us, I'm a little freaked about that. Eek.

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