18 June 2008

More sewing

I made this outfit for Na a couple months ago. $3 of seersucker on the remnant pile, and I think I spent more than that on a yard of the ladybug ribbon trim. It was hard trying to decide what to match to seersucker. Not sure if it was the color green of the seersucker or just my anal retentiveness for matching, but Natalie loves ladybugs so it works. It's way to big for her - I totally over estimate a "little" big. Oh well. The top will definitely fit next year, shorts, probably not. They came out baggy but with a bit of a low rise. Lesson learned.
And are we just going to have a whole period of the family photo album where she's doing this squinty teethy smile? This is what she does when you ask her to smile these days. It's either that or catching her unawares and she looks very pensive and moody.

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