22 June 2008

One track mind...

It feels wierd to be planning a funeral for someone who isn't dead yet. Monty Python keeps running through my head: "I'm not dead yet!" "Well, he will be very soon. He's very ill." "I'm getting better!" "No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment." "I feel...happy!" Is this wrong?

Arrangements are starting to be made, which I guess makes sense since we might as well get over some of the nitty gritty details before we're all snivling messes when grandpa finally lets go. I'm attached to my cell phone more than usual, and anytime it rings, I wonder if it's The Call. There's going to be a memorial service at church, then family and a few close friends will go to the graveside, followed by going out to lunch. We've got a potential babysitters lined up - mom and dad have a few friends with high school aged daughters, mom's checked out whose around and who is on vacation or working the next two weeks or so - and we'll bring someone along who can watch Na during the service, be there to hand her off to if she gets crabby at the graveside, and who can go run around with her in the parking lot outside the restaurant to let off steem while we all sit at what will inevitably be a tearful luncheon that will also be full of laughter. Grandpa is that kind of guy. The stories will come out. It will be kind of nice.

My brilliant idea of the day was in lieu of a guest book, to get some note cards or stationary together with stamped and addressed envelopes. We'll ask people to take one and to write down a fond memory or story they have about grandpa and then pop it in the post. We'll address them to grandma, so over the next days and weeks she'll get a few notes each day in the mail, reminding her that people care about her and loved her husband as a friend, teacher, mentor, and all around good guy. Then we'll stick them all together in an album, maybe with some pictures of people who came, and it will be a nice reminder that she's not alone just because he's gone. That and putting together some pictures to put in they foyer of the church before the service is my contribution.

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Rachel said...

The idea of having the visitors send notes to your grandmother is incredibly sweet. I hope you're finding time to take care of yourself under the circumstances.