04 June 2008


Carrie Bradshaw (no, haven't seen the movie yet) once talked about going out to eat by yourself, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, no book, no magazine, no writing, just yourself, your food, and the people passing by. How the table for 1 was a level of confidence that was good for the soul. I may be exagurating here, but the episode ends with her doing just that. Well, that was me in Beverly Hills on friday. Swank little cafe, I didn't even look at the menu before asking for a table for 1 to see what the prices were. They weren't bad. I ordered a big bowl of gezpacho - favorite on a warm summer day after lots of walking - and a carafe of iced tea with extra lemon since I had no toddler around to dive her grubby paws into the tea to fish out the lemons to eat, rind and all. I didn't pull out a book even though I traveled with a paperback, a book of new york times crosswords (I've finished all the mondays and tuesdays and am sturggling with the wednesdays), and a journal. It was peaceful. I listened to other conversations, chatted with the cute waiter, enjoyed the people watching (a LOT of skinny little women in Beverly Hills), and just sat. I know people who wouldn't be able to do this, there was even another woman at a table for 1 who looked frantic, reading her book, eating quickly, she just looked so uncomfortable alone. Or maybe she was late to meet someone, but she had on while sneakers so I'm thinking she was a tourist. I took my time and left a nice tip since I hogged a table for two longer than was probably expected. Total confidence booster, and an excellent way to start my weekend.

(the pic is of the Santa Monica Blvd. street sign near where I parked. Yup, dork, but you already knew that.)

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Mama's Losin' It said...

Sounds relaxing actually!!