10 July 2008

2 years, 5 months

Natalie, yesterday you turned almost 2.5 years old. I would have written about this milestone, except you decided you didn't need a nap yesterday. I'm worried that this is the start of a trend, but the upside would mean you will be forced to bed at 7pm instead of 9. And you keep talking about getting a big girl bed, which frightens the shit out of me. The thought of you roaming the house at 2am, alone, and with a head full of ideas for getting into trouble? Good thing I'm already an insomniac because I'd turn into one for sure.

So instead of writing about you yesterday, I'm writing about you today. But really I'm just stalling, as I should be doing work I couldn't do yesterday while you were not napping. You are parked in front of your morning hour of PBS, time I usually spend on chores and getting myself ready for the day (all 5 minutes it takes to take of pajamas and throw on shorts and a t-shirt and pull bed head hair into a ponytail). Today, I should be spending the time catching up on work, which I'm woefully behind on, and too tired to care.

However, we do have friends coming over in a bit to sit in lawn chairs in our shady back yard while you and other toddlers splash together in the paddling pool. That will be fun. Provided I usher everyone out back and tell them to not mind the atomic disaster that is the inside of the house.


Mama's Losin' It said...

Resist the toddler bed. I repeat. Resist the toddler bed.

Force the naps. Resist the bed.

Katie said...

hahahaha...i'm tempted to put a lid on the crib if it'll keep her in there a little longer!