08 July 2008


We got our economic stimulus check yesterday, FINALLY. Totally my fault, I had screwed up our taxes and inverted a number on our bank account for direct deposit so we got put on the check mailing list, which for these checks was done by social security number, and Jim's starts with a high number, putting us in one of the last groups of checks to be mailed. Nice. Oh well, it's here.

I was wondering if we promised to stimulate the economy more, would they send us another? Most of this one has already been put into the dreadful US economy, thank-you-very-much-new-tennant-and-Jim's-manic-urges-to-fix-up-the-basement-even-more; I'd be happy to support, say, a local window installation company to replace the two cold war era windows in the basement...

And, for your viewing pleasure, a video, which we will show potential boyfriends in approximately 13.5 more years:


Jen said...

frere jacques, frere jacques, dormez-flu? dormez-flu?

He's obviously sick in bed... lol! Too cute :)

Katie said...

i know! i love her version. that and the fact that our alphabet seems to have only about 19 letters. 2 year olds can really get on your nerves, but man, they are pretty damn cute most of the time!