05 July 2008

A little better

Happy fourth of July! It's dreary, wet, and humid out here. We did BBQ but ended up eating and playing inside at our neighbors. 5 toddlers, 2 babies, and 11 grownups. Crazy, yes. Crazier still was a huge branch on the tree accross the street coming down. Craziest was some neighborhood hippies we don't know coming out with axes to chop it up and get it out of the road. Much amuzement for the 2 year old set. After dripping most of yesterday, it's a repeat today. Overcast, wet, ick. So Jim and Natalie went to Ikea while I'm home, attempting to get some order into my life.

#1 - I'm not pregnant. I kind of didn't think I was, but 5 days of nausea and headaches, and not to go into to much detail, but lets just say timing was exactly on par as compared to the weeks before finding out I was pregnant with Natalie. So I thought it would be best to pee on a stick to make sure.

#2 - Still haven't grieved for grandpa. My friend offered to come over with a sad movie to get things started (either that or get me drunk - hahahaha). But somehow addressing it as something I need to do helps. Kind of allows me to compartmentalize that and push it to one side for later. I also know "later" really needs to be "soon."

#3 - Since I'm not pregnant, the headaches and nauseau and insomnia and general malaise have got to be because I'm stressed out of my gourd. Not sure how to deal with that other than checking myself into a spa for 3 days, but I think I may declare tomorrow a mental health day and pack up and head for the coffee shop for most of the afternoon. A long sit with a book, ipod, journal, crossword, coffee, or just staring into space may be in order. It's at least someplace to start and is a hell of a lot cheaper than 3 days at a spa.

#4 - Our new tenant is a med student in the military and is off on her first rotation in some other military hospital. This means we won't see her till mid-august. Which means I think I'm going to haul my sewing stuff down stairs and set up in her living room for a while and just go at it.

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