14 July 2008


So I learned a new word today: Epistemology = the study of knowledge, best summed up by the questions "What is knowledge?" I can buy that, epistles are books, books are for learning, epistemology is the study of knowledge. Makes sense. Also sounds like one of those philosophy classes in college that would have produced much forehead banging against a brick wall by yours truly.

Anyway, my life is much more pedestrian than to sit around contemplating the existance of knowledge. Instead, our playgroup discussions have gotten way lively lately, with two pregnant women and one who recently popped out #2. The two preggos are in that erotic dream stage of pregnancy, and they like to share. Deb has had sime interesting encounters with our old tennant in hers, Sylvia's are mostly ex boyfriends who show up in her shower or back yard or other inappropriate places. No lesbian dreams yet, but Alice said she had a few of those when she was pregnant. You can tell I consider each of these women a best friend, because this is definitely conversation fodder that would not appear in chats with most of my other friends. You gotta love a friend you can talk about sex with. Thank God for la leche league, too. Total fluke that we all ended up at the same meetings - there are others in the area, but we all went to this one and that's how we met, and here we are 2 and a half years later, still hanging out. We just need to hang out more sans kids and with alcohol more often, LOL!

Here's a dilemna I'm having - say you hooked up with an old friend on facebook or myspace or something. You guys had kind of lost touch in college, mostly because she turned flakey thanks to a large dosage of pot she started smoking on a fairly regular basis. Then graduation came, she moved home and you moved to another state and you that was the end. Then, because she has a totally unique name, you find each other later. Both in commited relationships, with jobs and a mortgage. Yay! It's been fun catching up, we picked up like we left off many years ago. Now another person you were friends with in high school finds this other friend with the unique name. Now unique name friend recommends you be a friend with this other friend. This other friend is one I stopped talking to sophmore year because she went from shy, quiet, hard worker to sorostitute who only slept with the kappa sig guys, as if that was somehow ok? Here I was rowing crew, working, and with an insane course load, yet she wasn't shy about telling me I was boring, bland, and beige. Thanks, "friend." I could care less about this person who turned what was a good friendship into something that made me feel like shit and I was happy to be rid of her from my life. Now, do I acknowledge her on this networking site? Try to start something that hasn't existed for 10 years? Wait for her to acknowledge me? Do this stupid junior high-esque dance for ages? The three of us were all so close - we did everything together in high school. We would hop on a greyhound to visit in the begining of college when we were all sans cars. I don't know. This is one of those downsides to the internet I think. In past generations, I wouldn't know how to find her unless we somehow stumbled upon each other in the street. Whatever. I can't let this stress me out.

I've got work to do this week, and what was a relatively empty calendar is filling up fast. My hour of sesame is almost up and we're off to the Y. Then, I don't know. I'm hoping last weeks napping strike was just a phase, because I was a wreck. I'm not ready to give up those hours of downtime (and work time). Fingers crossed the wee beasty sleeps today!


Jen said...

I would say that if she wants you to acknowledge her, you can do so without being terribly interested in being her friend. If she insulted you and you don't like that, and you still don't want to be her friend, then you don't have to. But you can acknowledge that she exists if she wants you to do that. And if your other friend keeps on you about it, you can say something like "you know, we parted ways in college for good reasons, and that's okay." If she continues to push for reasons why, getting past that and starting over, I'd just reiterate that you've moved on, you're sure that she has, too, and it's best left how it is. (And I guess you could repeat that line ad nauseum until she gets it.)

I hope your nap is not gone - we lost nap sometime around April and I still miss it!!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Well done!

I find myspace to be the same way. Kind of an extension of high school and the terms are so silly, "should I invite her to be my friend??" It doesn't get much more high school than that. It's awkward though that each of you know the other is there. Just put her on your friends list and call it a day. You don't need to be terribly personal with her.