23 July 2008


Thunderstorms today! Am I the only wierdo looking forward to a lovely afternoon inside, sitting on the couch watching a movie while crocheting a baby blanket (congratulations, Rachel!), listening to the rain and thunder, knowing my baby is going to be taking a looooong nap? Nap will be long today, I can feel it, because I've got the whole morning planned out - version A, B, and C depending on when the rain starts.

A - meet our co-op class at the park like usual and play as long as possible, then hit the Y for a workout;

B - go to the park, but rain starts before we can get a really good run around in, then hit the Y followed by a trip to Barnes & Noble to play on their train table in the kids section;

C - can't go to park, so we go to the Y, then mommy showers and we head over to the indoor toddler gym. This is the most expensive option, not because the $10 to go the the toddler gym is so much ($10 for my sanity? Yes please!), but because my friend told me the shoe store next door is having a huge sale. And there's a great toy store in that shopping center, the kind with lots of wooden toys and learning toys and books and the works. The kind that tempts me to spend way too much money.

(Someone just ran in and showed me how she can put all the marker caps on her fingers. Great. She's already discovered that you can do the same thing with olives.)

Speaking of books, anyone seen the story about "The Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business"? about a mole who wakes up to find someone has pooped on his head and he goes around trying to find out who did it? They even have a 'plop up' version out. I read this in French yesterday to my friend's 10week old at playgroup. I had seen the English version and it's just hysterical. Somehow poop in French is quite funny, too. Ty liked it, but then again, he's 10 weeks old and likes most anything if it involves cuddling and fun sounds.

My big freelance project of this summer is done. Not finalized done, just done enough that I sent in my final first draft, an invoice, and am waiting for comments so we can edit. Editing is much more painless than writing these sorts of things. But because this is done, I feel like I finally have some time on my hands guilt free to do some fun things. And I have enough money coming to me that we can really seriously start kitchen cabinet shopping.


Saying we're redoing the kitchen sounds so extravagent - visions of granite countertops and fancy lighting and tiled floors and such come to my mind. Really, we're fixing it up because in our worse-case-scenario-we-have-to-sell-the-house-in-this-crummy-market format of home repairs, we couldn't sell this house with the kitchen the way it is. The cabinets are half stripped (As far as I got before getting pregnant), no doors, and even if they weren't, they came with the house covered in about 6 layers of paint (I did the stripping, so I know this as a fact - including on some, a layer of WALLPAPER), and were covered with flower decals. Yeah. Made me shiver too.

Our plan is to install cabinets on the wall that has nothing (currently a chefs shelf overflowing with stuff), including a countertop and a shelf to raise the microwave off the countertop. Then replace the cabinets that are only along one wall with cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, and better maximize the space. This also includes knocking down three walls of sheetrock that are covered floor to almost ceiling with ugly bathroom tiles. The cabinets will be new, we'll have to pay a contractor to install, and we'll spend the extra on our electritian to put an extra outlet or two up (only have one free one to use and half of it has the phone plugged into it), to move the garbage disposal switch from inside a cabinet to something more normal, like over the sink, and to wire up an exhaust hood for the stove (yeah, don't have one of those) as well as some undercounter lights (I could take it or leave it, but Jim really wants these). That's it. We're going to use the same sink (probably need a new facuet just because ours is falling apart), and stock countertops from home depot. Anything is better than the stained ones we have with the faint tiki-pattern on them circa 1960s. Then a touch up of the light pale yellow paint we put up last year and we'll be 10x better in no time.

THEN, sometime next year or the year after, the fun happens. Ok, new cabinets are going to be pretty cool. We'll splurge on cool counter tops, some fun tile for a backsplash (recycled glass is my first choice at this point), an undermount sink, and maybe if the budget allows, a proper tile floor instead of the vinyl tile we put down last summer as a quick but sturdy fix. The nice thing about a small kitchen? You can splurge on some of the fancy things simply because you only need about 5 feet plus 2 feet of counter top. Being in DC, we can probably find some 2nds or returns that can be cut down to fit. And maybe we'll go with a neutral backsplash but do a strip of funky mosaic. Anyway, that's for another freelance project, and hopefully one that is way more fun than the past two I've worked on.

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